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If you want your boyfriend to touch you more you need to give him a signal and touch him more ;-)

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Is it ok to tell your boyfriend you want him to touch your vagina?


What if he is to shy to talk to you?

let him know that it is ok to talk to you. let him know that it is ok to talk to you.

OK, let me know if y?

OK, let me know if you need anything else.

Who do you know that your boyfriend is not cheating on you?

ok plz tel me how do you know if your boyfriend is cheating on you?

What does it mean when i guy puts his hand down your shirt?

OK this is what you should do if you do not know the guy you should not let him do that if you are OK about it do if you did know him and you let him that's OK

Is is ok if you let your older brother touch you in your privates?

Whoever this is..your older brother is a pedophile, it is not right to let your older brother touch you in private places..

I am a 17 year old and Is it ok if i let my boy friend touch my breasts and if i touch his penis?

yeah deffinatly

When is touch 128gb coming out?

the 128gb ipod touch will come, look i don't know OK

Is it ok to let your boyfriend go to a late night movie with a girl who supposely has a boyfriend?

only if u REALLY REALLY REALLY trust that girl and boyfriend ....WHY IS HE GOING TO A LATE NIGHT MOVIE WITH ANOTHER GIRL?!?! And do you know she has a boyfriend or is he just telling you this? Situation seems a little shady to me..

Who is hina boyfriend?

Well it depends im not really sure but your going to have to give me more info about this, so i can solve your problem! If you are intrested let me know on my profile ok!

Is it ok if you Google your boyfriend?

It is kind of creepy but hey, he doesn't have to know!

Is Dimet tablet ok for poc?

let me know

Is it ok to have a boyfriend at age 10?

Yes. but you can really get a boyfriend at any age. Some parents dont let you date until your a certain age.

When is touch season 2 coming out?

im don't know yet ok

What does it mean when you dream about your ex boyfriend with another girl?

You LOVE HIM. That's ok. It's hard to let go.

Your Boyfriend just lost his uncle that he was close to I'm not sure how to let him know it's ok to cry he dose not have to be brave all of the time?

Tell him exactly that, he will open up more if you talk to him about it.

What do you do if your boyfriend touches you and you are ok with it but his friends also your friends dont like it?

Ask him to only touch you when you are alone to avoid upsetting your friends.

Is it ok to want to go to court with your boyfriend to finalize his divorce?

It's compleatly up to you! Only you and your boyfriend know the circumstances involved. I believe myself, in my opinion it is a bit distasteful. If he needs to put an end to his past and your his future, you should support him & let him do so Alone.

Who is victorious real life boyfriend?

its cody simson ok i know your a animal but hes nice

Is this sentence grammatically correct Please let me know a time and date that are convenient to you?

"Please let me know a time and date that is convenient for you." is grammatically correct.

'is it right to have a boyfriend in grade 6?

I don't know what you mean by right but it is ok if you ask you parents and they say yes. It is not subnormal, I had a boyfriend in 6th grade

What if you like your boyfriends friend and he likes you 2?

if you really like this guy, even though he is your boyfriends best friend, you have to let you r boyfriend go. if you like him more then your boyfriend, its ok.

Why After some time really don't have a topic to talk with a girl She got irritated when asked about her boyfriend she only say that she does not have boyfriend?

Ok first off, I don't know what that question means, but if she says she don't have a boyfriend but you know she does... she's a cheater!

Is it ok to have a boyfriend that's older then you?

Yes!! Just don't have... well you much older is the guy?

Your lg arena wont let you unlock the keypad if you leave it for a while why is this?

I'm sorry i don't know why this happens but if you press the TOP volume button ONCE then touch the screen it will light up and you can then unlock it OK?

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