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You probably do not have rear wheels on your tractor. Purchase wheels for the mower deck and that should solve your problem. I had the problem of an uneven cut on turning. The rears wheels solved that problem. You can of course get them at Sears.

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โˆ™ 2009-07-31 20:07:24
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Q: How do you level a craftsman T1000 lawn mower deck?
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How many springs are there on a craftsman lawn mower deck?

There could be anywhere from 2 to 6 depending on the model of the mower.

Drive belt from engine to mower deck on craftsman mower won't stay on idler pulley?

you probably have a bad bearing

What is the mower deck belt size on Craftsman lawn tractor model 944.607043?


How do you level a mower deck on LT150 John Deere mower?

how do you adjust the mower deck of a john deer lt 150

How do you level a Craftsman lawn mower deck. model 917.272911?

I have a Craftsman DYS 4500 and there is a nut under the left rear fender next to the tire that adjusts level. I'm still having trouble getting the deck tuned again despite my best effort with a bubble level, but that nut is definitely adjusted it.

How do you change oil on craftsman 6.0 lawnmower?

youtube - push mower oil change.... oil plug under mower deck

How do you level a craftsman mowing deck?

Use a torpedo level on your blades.

How do you take cutting deck of a craftsman riding mower?

There are too many possible answers to that question since there are many many Craftsman mowers. Please ask again with the mower model number.

What belt numbers are need for craftsman mower model 917.273280?

The drive belt is a Craftsman #140294 The deck belts are Craftman #'s 180808 & 174368

Why does your craftsman riding mower keeps chewing up the drive belt?

maybe your deck is too low

How do you replace craftsman mower deck spindle bearings?

One can look in the owners manual of the Craftsman mower to learn how to replace the spindle bearings. Another way the spindle bearings can be replaced is to take it to a lawnmower professional.

What year is a craftsman 3.0 electric push mower model 663.913841 its blue deck yellow top?


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