How do you level up quickly in Maplestory?

Just go to th Monster Carnival when your lvl30!

Its true that at level 30, CPQ (Or Monster Carnival) Is the best choice, In the levels BEFORE 30, The job change and all that is pretty much covered by Tutorial leveling and a few killing here and there. With the tutorials and things you should be around 10 ish by now, If you're and KoG (Knight of Cygnus) or an Aran, your leveling is smooth by questings the things they give you until you reach about 30 where you have to make a big jump to the next series of quests.

For explorers, this is the more patient class, most of the time in the 30- levels you need to grind/quest anything you can find. Also explorers tend to have to have to do things on their own. Now You've made the big step to 30 and you can CPQ all the way to 51 (if you choose too) After reaching 51, You can have the option of going to CPQ 2 (Yup there is a 2 involved) This CPQ is harder because

1) there is noticeable EXP loss per level you gain. (I.e: I'm 65 and every win [you get around 90k per win] I get about 8-7% and that's about it. After 71 when you can't do anymore CPQ 1 OR 2, You have to go the rest of the way alone, This part is the part when you can only be patient and Grind, Or if you have undone quests for your level lying around you can do those too.

I know I've moaned on and on but this is my true opinion. :-] mabye but they might not be lv 30 if not 1-10 is maplei sland 10-21 is moonbunny are just training on green mushroom pigs ribon pigs and quests around henayesys sorry for spelling mistake 21-30 is kerning party quest(kpq) or areaint party quest(apq) 30-50 is cpq like this guy said then 50-70 is orbis part quest(opq)70-120 i think is leafre party quest(lpq) then 120-200 is beeying bored but if kok(knightof cygus) that is the end of lving uo

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------(BIG BANG)

1-10 is maple island

11-30 is golems

31-50 is CPQ

51-55 is SleepyWoods drakes

56-60 is cryse pq

61-70 is either Sea of Fog or Lord Pirate PQ

71-80 s nihal desert

81-90 is (Twisted) Jesters

91-105 is MP3

106-110 is Gallos

111-120 is Pirates in Mu Lung

120+ is either Leafre/Temple of Time/El Nath