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Well, It is possible but I don't think that anyone has found out how! The thing is i can lick my elbow... I think that only special people can like me! I have many things i can do, that is why I am different. (different it awesome :D:D:D

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No, it is not impossible to lick your elbow. I am one of those special people and can lick there elbow. I am not sure how it is possible but I know that you can.

Yes. It is possible, but very hard. Some people who's arms are double jointed can lick their elbows every easily.

Kristian Elbo is 184 cm.

Kristian Elbo was born on March 26, 1976, in Copenhagen, Denmark.

i dont know but i broke my shoulder once

The correct spelling is "elbow" (joint between upper and lower arm).

In (Scottish) Gaelic: imlich (to lick) also (a lick);In Irish: ligh (to lick); leadhb (teanga) a lick (of the tongue).


dogs lick people to get to know someone and dogs lick people when their happy.

if you can lick your elbow, a monkey can lick his elbow - try it and see if you can.

"Lick" in English is leccare in Italian.

You take a mouse. And you lick it.

It depends where you want to lick him.

pick it rhymes with lick it.

To lick a lolipop is to stick your tongue out and touch the lolipop on your tongue. Thats how you lick it!

You lick her clit slowly and then faster and suck or lick the lips it turns her on fast

If dogs do not lick you then they do not appriciate you. Dogs lick you when you give them a treat or play with them.

lick example- the dog will lick me if I give him his favorite toy

check and see. NO DIP there is a wenis on a dog go on it elbo and tug a little . there is the wenis!

Let's find out one *lick* two *lick* three *lick* *CRACK*. ... The world will never know...

That is the correct spelling of lick (to do by using one's tongue).The noun "lick" usually refers to a "salt lick" (natural or artificial source for animals).

Rabbits can lick humans for the salt secretion in your skin. Its like a mineral lick.

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