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There are very few people in the world with the ability to lick their own elbow. Those who can are either double jointed or have arms that are disproportionate to their bodies. If you lack the ability to lick your own elbow now, then there is no way for you to gain that ability other than breaking your arm (which is not recommended).

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unless you have a 20cm long tongue, no Must your arm be intact? I can imagine several ways for you to lick your elbow, most involve pain.but if you can dislocate your jaw then mabye then still mabye some pain but if you can it is okay.

Without going into Latin, arm is differentiated from forearm (arm is above the elbow).

I suppose so if they are either, double jointed, very flexible, have an amputated arm or can dislocate their shoulder.

The bicep flexes the arm at the elbow.

The bones will heal in the wrong position therefore the elbow might not be able to bend and move. If this happens, the way some doctors reset the arm is by re-breaking the elbow then setting the arm in the correct position in surgery.

A sling is used to support the arm. When the elbow is injured the upper and lower arm will be affected. Without the sling the pain involved with the injury will be unbearable.

The "Elbow" is the joint of your arm.

When you straighten your arm or leg (as in a pushing movement), you EXTEND the arm or leg. When you bend your arm at the elbow or your leg at the knee, you FLEX the arm at the elbow and flex the leg at the knee.

The forearm is from the wrist to the elbow.The upper arm is from the shoulder to the elbow.They meet at the elbow.cts and carots yay!

No you can not move your wrist if you break your arm. You also cannot move your elbow this is if the break is below your elbow. If the break is above your elbow you cannot move your elbow or your shoulder.

When anchoring what happens to the elbow

An elbow is a joint that helps you bend your arm.

your tricep flexes at the elbow when you straighten your arm

The upper arm, from shoulder to elbow, is the brachium. The lower arm, from elbow to wrist, is the antebrachium.

Brachial is the name of the region from shoulder to elbow pertaining to the arm.

The Elbow, it is so easy. You just look for the middle of the arm and you will know that it is your elbow! bye

The 'elbow' joins the lower and upper arm.

at the bottom of your arm

The joint in the middle of the arm is the elbow.

I believe that an arm does have a tendon between the elbow and the shoulder.

If it is painful, my best guess would be a dislocated shoulder. That allows you to keep movement of your elbow down, but not your shoulder.

Because bones aren't flexible but joints allow flexibility. That allows you to put your foot in your mouth -- if your joints & spine are flexible enough.Similarly, you can't touch anywhere along your back with your mouth or tongue. You need your hands for that, just as you use one hand to touch the elbow of your other arm.However, there are always exceptions (except when there aren't).Very rare & unusual people with very long tongues and/or very short upper arm bones may be able to lick their elbow.You could also lick your elbow after having your entire amputated arm placed in front of you. There are other exceptions too, but they're really silly, gross, or both.In the meantime, keep putting your foot in your mouth, if it's clean enough. Some people (falsely) claim that's how Yoga was invented!

When you bend your elbow joint bends, the muscles in your arm contract. This allows you to be able to bend and move your arm.

peel it off slowly dont just rip it off you'r arm

Yes, when the arm makes a straight line, the elbow is extended.