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You can actually use regular hair dye or facial bleach. But (for obvious reasons) you have to sit still when you are using this stuff. Its NOT meant for delicate areas! However, dyeing "bikini hair" is more common than you think! Be warned, however, if you go blonder, the dye will probably bleach your skin, too. Keep that in mind if you have a tan!

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Q: How do you lighten your bikini area?
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Where is your bikini zone?

Your bikini area is the area under your bikini bottom. It is the area many women shave or wax to keep the hair from coming out under the bikini.

Where is your bikini area?

the bikini area is around a womans vagina

Can not shaving the bikini area turn guys off?

Usually yes. They usually liked a clean shaved bikini area.

How do you lighten the skin of the genital area?

You can lighten the skin of the genital area by using lemon juice or cucumber juice. Both juices have natural bleaching characteristics.

What is the bikini area?

The area of the anatomy that is covered by a bikini bottom though often this term is just used in reference to the groin.

Can you use nair for your bikini line?

Yes, Nair can be safely used on the bikini area. They do offer a specialized cream specifically for the that area. Always be sure to follow the instructions.

Why does your bikini area itch and burn after you shave?

Most likely because the hair around your bikini area has been romoved therefore your bikini will cause direct friction causing itching. Other reasons may have to do with your shaving product or a possible skin condition.

Where is your bikini line?

The bikini line is the area immediately outside what's covered by the lower part of a bikini. Many women have a bit of pubic hair outside what's covered by the bikini, so they trim it back until all that's showing is smooth skin.

Wait Before You Wax?

If you are thinking about waxing the bikini area, you should try the wax on another area of the body first. You don't want to use the wax on the bikini area only to find out that the skin will get irritated. The legs or arms are great places to start. Only use a small amount of the wax when you are testing the area. If you see any red bumps or the skin begins to itch, then don't use the wax on the bikini area.

Is it really painful to get a bikini wax if when you wax your eyebrows it does not hurt at all?

Yes because the bikini area is much more sensitive than the eyebrows

How do you reduce ingrown hairs on your bikini area?

Shave with the grain or sideways.

How do you lighten your computer screen?

lighten your resolution.

Test The Area?

When using a bikini trimmer, it is best to test an area of the skin before completely shaving the entire area. You can also use a shaving cream or gel on the area to soften the hair before using the trimmer. If the area that you tested does not get irritated, then it is probably safe to trim the bikini area. Use a gentle lotion after shaving if there are any red bumps or rashes.

Why do you call bikini bikini?

a bikini to the second power :]

What is a bikini bottom?

A bikini bottom is the bottom half of a bikini.

What is a bikini wedgie?

a bikini wedgie is where u get wedgied in your bikini!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is the difference between Brazilian wax vs bikini wax?

Brazilian Wax: Removes all the hair from the front and includes the butt crack. Bikini Wax: Removes hair from the top and the sides (whatever sticks out of the underwear)

How do you lighten the skin tone of the genital area?

A high level of bleach should be applied directly to ball sack, or vaginal area. Results vary.

Can you wear a bikini if you're 5'1 12st 2lbs UK size 12-14 a bit flabby in the lower abdominal area but mostly solid especially in the upper abdominal area?

You can wear a bikini at any size as long as you think you look good. Don't wear a bikini if you don't like the way it looks on you, then you won't be able to enjoy yourself while wearing it. If you think you look hot in a bikini, then flaunt what you got! :) If you don't like how the bikini looks, but don't want to wear a one piece, try a tankini. Some of them can be really flattering and even sexier than a regular bikini.

What is the purpose of cream?

Makari cream is a skin lightening product. It is used to lighten a dark area of the the skin. The product can be used on a small area that is discolored or a large area that needs to be lightened.

What is the difference between an string bikini and a bikini?

The difference between a bikini, and string bikini is the waist strap on the garment. The bikini is usually like a stretchable band, where as a string bikini is a thing string used around the waist.

Who invented the thong bikini?

Fashion designer, Rudi Gernreich first invented the thong bikini in the year 1974. The thong bikini is a thin strip of cloth that passes beween the legs and buttocks attaching to a waistband that, in the front, includes a triangular piece that covers the pubic area.

What does lighten mean?

lighten means a bright color or thing

Can you lighten up window tint?

If windows are to dark is it possible to lighten them

Do I take a shower after I lighten my hair?

If you have to rinse your hair after you lighten it then you can do it in the shower.