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The Bachelor's degree is generally not appended to the signature so presumeably you mean two graduate degrees. Keep in mind that even then appending the degree to your signature is usually done only in a professional capacity. In that case you use only one degree, either the senior one or the one which applies to your correspondence. Thus if you had a master's degree and a Ph.D. in related fields you would sign yourself as John Smith Ph.D. On the other hand if you had a master of arts degree in Literature and a Ph.D in History then it would depend on which area of expertise you were writing in; if Literature, then John Smith M.A., if History, then Ph.D. Now if, like some people I have known, you had a Ph.D in engineering and a Medical degree and you were writing about research that involves both of those fields, such as bioengineering, then you could use both degrees but the medical one would take precedence, John Smith M.D. Ph.D.

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List academic titles in order of importance and relevance to the context. For example, list the highest degree first, followed by any post-doctoral titles or certifications. Separate each title with a comma, and be sure to use the appropriate abbreviations (e.g., Ph.D., M.D., Ed.D.). If there are several titles, you may choose to select the most relevant ones for the occasion.

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To write multiple degree we should separate with comma after dot.

Example: Ms. S.Dhivya M.E.,Ph.D

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Q: How do you list academic titles after your name?
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