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how to breakdown and load 38 caliber iver johnson pistol?

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Q: How do you load 38 caliber Iver Johnson pistol?
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Can you use magnum ammo for your Iver and Johnson 22?

If your Iver Johnson is marked for the .22 WMR.then yes,if it is not then do not attempt to load or shoot .22magnum ammo in your rifle.

How to load bb cal 5.5mm .177 cal Marksman Repeater pistol?

see the link below for the owners manual. The Marksman Repeater is a 4.5 .177 caliber pistol not a 5.5 .22 caliber pistol.

What black powder load should be used for an Iver Johnson 38?

I believe 3 grains of black powder for a start

What can a semi automatic pistol do to a human?

A variety of injuries up to and including death. It really depends on the caliber, ballistics, and load of the cartridge used.

How do you load a Benjamin Franklin air rifle pistol 122?

The Model 122 is a .22 caliber pellet pistol, not a BB or .177 caliber pistol. Pump up the pistol, Not more than 10 pumps. Open the breech by turning the knob at the rear. Pull it all the way back. Load the .22 pellet in the breech. The skirt faces the rear. Close the breech. Rotate the knob to lock it in place. Aim, release the safety and fire.

What is the value of a 1898 Iver Johnson 32 cal 5 shot top load second model with serial number starting with an E small frme safety hammer?

I am afraid that you Iver Johnson revolver is not worth is valued at 50-100 dollars depending on condition.

Which is more powerful a 45 caliber or a 44 caliber?

It depends on the load

Mendi Spain 12mm black powder pistol 24312?

Cheaper Kentucky style pistol, 12mm is equal to .47 caliber, but they seem to be smaller than that. The apox. worth is 75.00. Not a target pistol, but fun to shoot, 20 grains of powder is a good size load.

What caliber pistol can you load and shoot in a 410?

None. While there are firearms made to shoot .45 Colt AND .410 shotshells, they are designed and made to do that. A regular .410 shotgun is NOT made to do that safely.

What is the value of Iver Johnson 410 single shot breach load?

It depends on the condition. I have one the was made in the early 1900's and they are only worth around $100 to $150 depending on condition.

How do you load a derringer philadelphia jukar spain black powder pistol?

load data

Which is wore powerful a 45 caliber or a 44 caliber?

Depends on which 45 and which 44 chambering you are talking about the load

What is the muzzle velocity of 38 caliber revolver?

Depends on the load

How to load Beretta pistol 70?

Ask a gunsmith for help

Did colt make a 22 caliber auto load rifle?


What is the combat load for the M2 50 caliber machine gun?


How many grain of powder do you use in a 44 Winchester pistol?

We can't answer for a couple of reasons. Winchester does not make 44 pistols. Any load data is based on exact caliber (there is more than one 44 caliber) the bullet weight and type, and the type of powder used (there are dozens of different powders)

What is the impacting power of a barret 50 caliber rifle?

Depends on the load and range.

How do you load the pistol?

you put the magazine into the butt of the pistol, then to charge the pistol pull the slide to the rear and let go or push down on the slide catch if there are no more rounds in the magazine.

Will a rsbc load both center fire rifle and pistol shells?

RCBS will.

How do you load a Winchester 22 caliber model 70?

You need the assistance of a good gunsmith

Will a rscb reloader load both center fire rifle and pistol shells?


How do you load the crosman c11 airsoft pistol?

See the link below for the owners manual.

How do you load a crosman 1088 pistol bb gun?

see the link below for the owners manual

How do you cock a daisy powerline co2 model 1700 bb pistol?

Remove the grip on the left side of the pistol and insert a C02 bottle. Load BB's through the door at the rear of the pistol. Tip it forward and push the lever ( It's in front of the trigger) to allow the BB to load. Aim and fire