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How do you locate and change the PC Valve on 2000 I30?


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i know what the part looks like but i cannot locate it on the engine.

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Your 2000 Infiniti I30 came OE with P215/55R16 91H Now, you can use your size information to do some

trace fuel lines to filter, disconnect lines from filter, fit lines to new filter

I have a 2000 I30 and there is a map/diagram of the emissions control system including the EGR system on the underside of the hood placed there presumably by the manufacturer.

Check under the radio.

Its located upside down to the right of your engine.

when you open the hood of the car and your facing it, lookto the far right near the bottom. there should be a small black box. open it, and change the fuse.

i30 was last made in 2001. never need to service any infiniti timing chain, only if it has a belt

In my 2001 I30t owners manual the fuel filter is listed as a non-serviceable item. I checked the manual after buying one to replace it and couldn't locate it easily. Check your manual or call the dealer to be sure.

The 98 I30 uses the VQ30 engine which uses a timing chain and not a belt. No scheduled replacement necessary unless there is a problem (rare).

go to a mechanic shop and get a scanner plugged in to your vehicles brain

make sure the res- is full of break fluid

All I used was a pair of pliers to squeeze the pistons down. I had no problems doing so.

Not exactly like the older cars. Instead this car uses plugs, boots, and coils. We just did a tune up on my i30 and even with 89k miles the boots did not require replacing. 6 plugs, outer air filter and Pcv were replaced. The manual does not reference the Pcv valve. We used wiki to locate it. Great pics made it easy. Youtube has a good video for giving i30 a tune up. Most parts stores will tell you exactly what parts are needed for DIY service. In IL parts stores will attach a device to car to ID engine codes to pinpoint problems. Our tune up efforts took apprx 2 hrs and cost less than $40. Versus $395 from service shop. Good luck

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