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Q: How do you locate and change the PC Valve on 2000 I30?
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Where is the PCV valve on a 2000 Infinity I30?

Where is the EGR valve on a 1998 Infiniti i30?

were is the egr valve located on a 1998 infiniti i30

How do you fix the odometer on a 2000 infiniti i30?

How much it did odometer infiniti i30 2000

How do you change the knock sensor on an 1999 Infiniti I30?

i know what the part looks like but i cannot locate it on the engine.

How do you replace the harmonic balancer on 2000 Infiniti I30?

how to replace harmonic balancer on a 2000 infiniti i30

Where is the speed sensor located on the 2000 infiniti i30?

How can I chang the speed sensor in a infenti I30 model 2000?

Locate the water pump by diagram on 1996 infiniti I30?

need help changin water pump on a 1996 infiniti i30

How do you replace the thermostat on an Infiniti I30?

how to change the thermostat on a 99 infinity I30

How do you change the spark plugs in a 2001 Infinity I30?

How do you change the spark plugs (or tune up) in a 2001 Infinity I30

What is the tire size for an infinity 2000 i30?

Your 2000 Infiniti I30 came OE with P215/55R16 91H Now, you can use your size information to do some

Where is the idle control valve in 2001 Infiniti I30?

Directly below the throttle body.

What type of oil for infinity 2000 i30?


Do you have a Diagram of 2000 infinite I30 emission control system?

I have a 2000 I30 and there is a map/diagram of the emissions control system including the EGR system on the underside of the hood placed there presumably by the manufacturer.

How do you change the fuel filter on a 2000 Infiniti I30?

trace fuel lines to filter, disconnect lines from filter, fit lines to new filter

How many bolts do hold the starter on 2000 infiniti i30?


Where is the fuel filter located on an infiniti i30 2000?

In the gas tank

2000 infiniti i30 ECU location?

Check under the radio.

What is the button on the left side of the shifter on a 2000 infinity i30?

Overdrive OFF

How do you replace the serpentine belt on a 2000 Infiniti i30?

Oil for 1997 infiniti needed

Where is the air filter located on a 2000 infiniti I30?

Its located upside down to the right of your engine.

Where is the fuse for the door locks on the 2000 infiniti I30?

when you open the hood of the car and your facing it, lookto the far right near the bottom. there should be a small black box. open it, and change the fuse.

Does the fuel filter on a 2000 Infinity I30 need to be replaced?

In my 2001 I30t owners manual the fuel filter is listed as a non-serviceable item. I checked the manual after buying one to replace it and couldn't locate it easily. Check your manual or call the dealer to be sure.

When need to change timing chain i30 infiniti 2006?

i30 was last made in 2001. never need to service any infiniti timing chain, only if it has a belt

Im looking for a rebuilt ac compressor for a 2000 infinity i30?

go to eBay or amazon .com

At what mileage do you have the change the timing belt on a 1998 infiniti I30?

The 98 I30 uses the VQ30 engine which uses a timing chain and not a belt. No scheduled replacement necessary unless there is a problem (rare).

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