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That can be tough, maybe even impossible if it is the administrator password that has been forgotten.

If you know anything about the forgotten password it might be easier.There are password hacking programs out there.

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Q: How do you log into a computer if you dont remember your password?
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How do you log in to mycricket account if you dont remember your password?

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What is a log in password?

A log in password is a secret word or phrase to secure your files on the computer.

How do you login in to your facebook account from your boyfriends computer?

Have him logout. You log back in...hopefully you remember your username and password. Be sure to log out when you are done and btw, uncheck the "remember this password" box unless you want to leave him with full access to your account. My guess is that you don't.

Why is there the text -Remember me- before you log in WikiAnswers?

Because you have the option to have your computer remember your log-in. If you are the only person who uses your computer, you might as well let the system remember you - so you don't have to enter your password every time (it's what I do) - If you're on a shared computer, you're better off entering your log-in every time in case someone else uses your log-in to misbehave on here.

Are you still connected to WikiAnswers when you log out?

Not usually - though your computer may remember your log-in so you don't have to re-type your username and password each time you visit.

What does you forgot your penguin mean on Club Penguin?

It means that you won't remember it you will take it of in the computer when you log in. if you thinking that it can delete it then the answer is no once you once you un-check of remember my password and remember me on this computer you will not see your penguin saved on your computer in order to log in is you have to type in your user name and pass word in order to get in.Thank you Own experience!

What password to log on windows xp after the recovery?

Unless the password is blank, the password has been set by the administrator. If it is your computer and you've tried leaving it blank, you may need to reinstall Windows unless you can remember it.

How do you log on to your facebook using someone elses computer?

Log out of their account and type in your username in the username box and your password in the password box.

How can you delete your Twitter without your password?

You will need the password. If you can't remember it then use the 'forgotten password' links on the log in page.

What should you do if your studywiz password has expired?

Contact your school library and tell them to change your password, or if your studywiz is connected with you computer login at school then type in your computer log in and then it will say your password has expired, to renew your password please type your old password and New password so that will be u r password for studywiz and you computer log in. ~Hope I helped~

I can't remember my iTunes password what should i do?

When you log in to the iTunes store click on the Forgot Password? button.

When you first turn on a computer what is accessed first?

i think they remember your password set that up and when it prepares for you to log in in it shows the downloads and your background (everything else)

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