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Q: How do you look after lavender plants?
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What animals will eat lavender plants?

rabbits, they can eat some lavender leaves

What taste is lavender honey?

lavender honey is the honey which is taken from lavender plants by bees.......

Are lavender plants seedless?

seed plants

When was The Long Lavender Look created?

The Long Lavender Look was created in 1970.

Does lavender repel ants?

Lavender can be used to repel ants. They do not like the smell of it. You can use dried lavender, lavender oil or lavender plants around the home.

Which of following is a scientific question about lavender plants?

is the oil from lavender planets irritating to human?

Do sheep eat lavender plants?

not sure

What plants and flowers are native to Spain?

the lavender

What plants in the Linaceae plant family?


Are lavender plants poisonous for dogs?


Lavender Plants?

form_title=Lavender Plants form_header=Lavender plants are a great source of decoration for any home or garden. Let us know your preferences so we can help you with your selection! Are you planning to keep your lavender plants inside or outside?*= () Inside () Outside Are your plants to be used for decoration or harvesting?*= () Decoration () Harvesting What is the climate generally like in your area?*= _ [50]

What are the native plants in France?

Some native plants are lavender, lichen, and moss.

What types of plants live in a marsh?

Cordgrass, sea lavender, and Bayberry

What plant starts with the letter L?

Lettuce and Love Vine (clematis virginiana) are plants. Lily and Lavender are flowering plants.

What is the phylum of a lavender?

Plants do not have a phylum because a phylum is whether a living thing has a backbone or not.

What are herbal plants?

Herbal plants are plants you can use for cooking, medicine ,and drinks. Some examples are rosemary, lavender, thyme, mint, orogano,basil,etc.

Is lavender a good choice to paint a kitchen?

It depends on your opinion. Personally, I love the colour lavender, It WOULD look good in a kitchen. (My opinion!)

What does Lavender Brown look like?

Lavender's physical appearance and ethnicity are not described in the books. In the third film, Lavender is played by a Black British actress, while in the sixth film, she is played by a Caucasian actress.

What color should the mother of the bride wear if the bridesmaids are wearing lavender?

a colour which compliement the lavender such as a pink or purple would be nice. Don't wear lavender or you'll look like one of the bridesmaids!!

How does the color laveder look like?

The color lavender is like a light purple.

Can rabbits eat lavender plants?

There is some disagreement on this question: No. Yes, the wild rabbits definitely do eat lavender plants and even dig up and eat the roots too. So far 50/100 eaten to death. No, but wild rabbits do. The rabbits that eat it can eat to death. Yes, pet rabbits can eat lavender plants! The flowers are good as a treat; the green parts can be included in the daily "salad." Lavender is not included on the list of known poisonous plants (see link below) and is widely recommended for bunnies. See the related question below for more information about a healthy rabbit diet.

Plants that start with l?

· Laburnum · Lantana · Larkspur · Lavender · Lilac · Lily · Lobelia · Lotus · Lupine

I am baking a Meyer lemon lavender cake can't locate any lavender any other suggestions to use in place of the lavender in the whipping cream and honey topping?

Small amounts of lemon zest might be an idea. I'd try to locate a Whole Foods market or order some lavender online, otherwise. You can google 'culinary lavender' or I'd suggest the following link: I was visiting up in that area & saw signs for this place. Also, be careful if you purchase lavender plants; the growers may have used pesticides on the plants, which would be poisonous!

What plants can grow well in chalky soil?

Really no plants grow well in chalky soil. Lavender prefers chalky soil according to care guide.

How do you get to lavender town you in red version?

you need to passs a cave look at the town map