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Q: How do you look at other peoples looks on msp?
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How does the Movie Star Planet membership card look like?

It looks like a club penguin card but says msp

How do you get on the login screen on msp?

There is a small chance to get on the loggin screen if you win in a competition, in the category 'looks'. (Remember it must be your own look!)

How do you get fame on msp?

You could ask for autographs or get other movie stars to love your room and looks last but not least get people to watch your movies not only will you get fame and money they will aswell

Is the person who made msp on msp?

nizar boy13

What does msp stand for?

MSP stands for Member of Scottish Parliament

When was MSP Batna created?

MSP Batna was created in 1962.

MSP or M.S.P.?

I really don't know. Sorry.

How do you take pictures of your moviestar on msp?

how to take pics of ur msp

Does the real Taylor Swift have a Movie Star Planet account?

Honestly I don't know. There is a girl on msp named lolipop2012 who CLAMES she is Taylor Swift. This doesn't mean that she is though. I've met so many people on moviestarplanet who CLAME they are famous. So next time you're on msp make sure not to fall for peoples pranks. Never share your password, real name, or any other information about you or your family/friends. Other than that I do not believe that Taylor Swift has a moviestarplanet account.

What do you do when someone in MSP steals your account?

You call the MSP number and they will take care of it

How can you get an msp vip for free?

You can not get free a MSP VIP account for free. MSP stands for Microsoft points, which have to be purchased. They can be purchased online or in gaming stores such as GameStop.

Where do they sell membership cards for Movie Star Planet?

where u get msp (MovieStarPlanet) membership well msp membership is very rare to find not like any of the other membership they are very easy to find but it's mostly where it online on msp so i don't think you can really find shops sorry if the answer is not useful