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flip your eyelids and put on a mask

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What do highwaymen look like?

they look fearsome and scary

Do chupacabra look scary?

They look really freaky. If u go on google.ca and type in 'Chupacabra" then u will see that it is really scary looking.

What do meat ants look like?

scary and they look really big

Why are dobermans disliked?

Because they look scary.

Are hermit crabs scary?

hermit crabs are not scary. but some people might think they look scary. but hermit crabs make good pets for most people. people might think they look scary because their big claws but they wont hurt you. but if you hurt it it might hurt you.

How do you write a scary movie script?

watch a scary movie and tell how you feel about it or look on another sight to find out.

Why Are Mexicans Scary?

You suffer from something known as xenophobia. They look scary because you have never actually met one.

Why does the grim reaper have a sythe?

because it makes him look scary

What does a kraken look like?

ugly scary by jemma madonald

Are daddy long legs posioned?

no they just look scary

What do witches look like today?

In the present world witches look scary and very intimidating. They dress in dark colors and carry very scary weapons to scare away people.

Are blue ringed octopus scary?

If they are 30 cm and their blue rings have flashed purple or deep blue, that would look scary.

Why do dogs look scary sometimes?

sometimes they are scary but in the inside they're friendly btw dogs are amazing in training rescuing and playing

Is there a way to catch mesprit without it running away?

use the move block or scary face Its not scary face its MEAN LOOK; mean look Pokemon are easier to find, they are ZUBAT and GASTLY

Why are zombie movies so scary?

because the studios make the faces look real and they pop up:see on youtube scary car video

Do all devils have horns and carry pitchforks?

No it is depiction to make it look scary. In true sense devils are scary.

Does gals like the boys who look dark?

Some do, but I find it scary.

What is the scariest thing about a bat?

Their look is scary and the way they eat bugs

What does a yawning hippo look like?

scary enough to scare a LION!

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