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by calling 411 by calling 444

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Q: How do you look up a cell number?
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How can you look up a cell number?

There is a webpage called Cell Phone Number Look Up which allows users to look up the owner of cell number by entering the number and in some cases find someone's cell number by entering their name.

How can one go about a free cell phone number look up?

The person that wants to look up a cell phone number can look it up on the website with the name of spydialer. This site will give you the cell phone number for free with no cost.

How can I lookup a cell number legally?

Cellphone number look ups are available on the internet to look up these numbers for free. Reverse cell phone look is what I would use to begin my search to find the trace of a cell phone number.

How can you look up restricted number from your cell phone?

you are not able to.

Where can one go to do a reverse cell phone number look up?

The easiest way to do a reverse cell phone number look up is to check it online on a site such as numberfinder or freephonetracer. They will not always find the number, so it is worth trying several places.

Is it possible to do a reverse look up on a cell phone number?

Nope, not yet...

How do you retrieve owner information on specfic cell number?

If it a listed number just look it up on

Is it possible to do a cell phone number lookup online?

It is possible to do a cell phone number look up online. When attempting this, it is helpful to know the name of the person the number belongs to and the name of the provider for the cell number you are looking for.

what exactly is a cell phone lookup?

Cell phone lookup is the ability to look up someone's cell phone number. You can do this just like looking up a land-line phone number in the white pages or a phone book.

How can one lookup a cell phone number?

The only way to look up a cell phone number is by contacting a cell phone provider. Currently there is no way to enter a persons name and find their cell phone number like you can with a traditional land line.

Where can someone do a cell phone number look up?

When someone wants to do a look up for a cell phone number that may use Real Phone Lookup or Spy Dialer. Both services have been receiving attention lately and are a few of the preferred services to use.

Where would one go to look up cell phone numbers?

There are many websites online that offer ways to look up cellphone numbers. An example of such site would be a reverse cellphone number look up if you're looking to know who owns the number.

Whats the taxi's cell phone number?

If you provide us with the name of the Taxi and the location that you are looking for we will be happy to look up the number for you.

Using A Reverse Cell Phone Lookup?

Sometimes a number will show up on your caller I.D. that you won't recognize. Many people are hesitant to pick these phone calls up in the case that the person on the other line may be a telemarketer. A good solution to this problem is to look up the number in the phone book. However, if the number is a cell phone, more than likely the number will not be listed in the phone book. What you can do is utilize websites that specialize in reverse cell phone look ups. There are many free reverse cell phone look up directories available to you on the internet. Generally these websites will tell you the name and address of the cell phone owner, if they are listed.

How do you obtain the phone number of a Metro PCS customer?

you can not. Metro does not make custormers give there real name, so you can not look it up. If you try to look it up on line it will only tell you it is a cell number, but no name.

What online site can I use to locate a cell phone number?

Please go to There you will be able to look up the phone numbers of people if it is available.

Where can I find a reverse cell phone lookup service online?

Yellow pages has a great reverse cell phone look-up service. You can search for free and receive the information you need on the cell phone number. White pages is also a good site for reverse cell phone look-up.

Does the White Pages offer a cell phone look up?

Yes, the whitepages offer a reverse phone number look up service in which you can search or look up any number that is both listed or not listed. it is an easy way to find out who might be calling or where that call might be coming from.

What is the rock cell phone number?

no one would know. sorry. maybe look it up on a celebraity website?!

Is there a free reverse phone number look up?

There are free reverse phone number look up services for publicly-listed land line numbers, since those are public record. Cell phone number look ups, however, will incur a small fee because cell phone information is considered private, and therefore must be bought by reverse phone search companies.

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How do you check what your home phone number is?

You could look it up in a phone book. If you have a mobile phone, call your mobile number from your home phone and it will be displayed. If you do not have a cell phone then call someone with a cell phone and do the same.

Where can I look up reverse phone numbers?

There are several ways to look up a number of somebody who called. Many cell phones will say missed call and have the number right there. Also, on landlines, you can scroll through the caller id to see who called.