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How do you loose all your baby teeth?


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Look after your teeth with no pulling or tugging or you will need braces. And brush you teeth with Colgate big teeth because this will make them look the best in the future.

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You loose 28,but not all at once.

When you start to grow up, all your baby teeth will eventually start to loosen by them selves. Its because your adult teeth are growing so it pushes your baby teeth to make it loose~

no you dont but you can loose some teeth twice :) :D

Horses have all adult teeth by the age of 5.

After you loose your baby teeth, your permanent teeth can grow in. (Learn more about dental health at www.topdentists.com)

All children loose 20 primary or baby teeth and other people need molars pulled because their mouths don't have enough space.

You will loose your first set of teeth which are often called ther calld baby teeth dumbas get a f*ckin lifeor baby teeth. These will have been replaced by permenant teeth by about the age of twelve.o and im 10 and i lost all my teeth

19 to 20 baby teeth will indeed be lost.

Of course! All dogs lose their teeth, just like humans.

No, you do not need to lose all of your baby teeth, only the ones that your dentist or orthodontist tells you which ones you have to lose first.

you loose them when you're about 12 years old. but sometimes, you loose them when you're 10. i'm ten and i'v lost all of my teeth.

dogs do not get their puppy teeth at all, dogs are born with their teeth. however, at around 4 months old the puppies will loose their baby teeth and grow their adult teeth.

Different people could have a different amount of baby teeth, depending on their age. At around six to ten months, babies grow their first tooth. Then, by the age of three, they have all twenty of the baby teeth. Usually children loose all their baby teeth near the age of twelve or thirteen, sometimes sooner. These twenty baby teeth are gradually replaced with 32 adult teeth.

You loose only teeth, some of the teeth you loose may looklike molars, but they aren't

it doesnt matter you can loose them all if u want to, but the most commen are the teeth that are still baby

No because if you do they will not loose there baby teeth in get there adult teeth.it is going to take Long to get the adult teeth

mostly at the age of 5 or 6

No. None of your teeth are supposed to be loose, except when the baby teeth are getting ready to be replaced by the permanent teeth, pushing them out.

There isn't a specific answer because we all loose teeth around that age but they should have lost at least 3 baby teeth by now.

I'm 10 and I have a loose tooth. Mostly at age 11 or 12. It all depends on the baby teeth. Hope this helped! :)

Wolf pups are not born with teeth. But they will develop deciduous teeth or (baby teeth) after three or four weeks. They have about 28 baby teeth. They will loose their baby teeth between 14 and 30 weeks.

Donkeys usually lose their baby teeth when they are anywhere from two to five years old. Their adult teeth usually come in quickly.

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