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If by "key" you mean "step" then it's DGCFAD. It's easy to explain if you look on a piano. Take a string note, and put it down two keys.

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How do the electric bass sound like?

Like a guitar but 1 octave lower

Witch 1 is better a bass guitar or a guitar?

A bass guitar is better for riffs and bass lines. but the guitar is better for solos and chords. Most people would agree that normal guitars are the best.

Do you have to have Guitar Hero 1 to play guitar 2?

no. guitar hero 2 is just a better version of guitar hero 1.

Is the Iron man song on Guitar Hero 1 or Guitar Hero 2?

It's in Guitar Hero 1

Will Guitar Hero 1 ps2 work on PS3. If yes will Guitar Hero 1 work with the same guitar as the PS3 guitar for Guitar Hero 3?

Yes and Yes.

Do Guitar Hero 2 guitar work on Guitar Hero 1 and 3?

Guitar Hero 2 guitars are the same as the Guitar Hero 1 guitars, so they work with guitar hero 1 and 2. If they are for the same system as Guitar Hero 3, then they will work. But that would only be with the PS2 and Xbox.

Does guitar from Guitar Hero 1 work for Guitar Hero 3?


Which one is good for home-electric guitar or normal guiter?

electric for two reasons 1 - quieter 2- easier to play

Can you use the guitar heroes 1 controller on guitar heroes 3?

Yes, it is possible to use Guitar Hero 1 Contoller on Guitar Hero 3, also on all of the Guitar Hero games.

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Does a guitar from Guitar Hero 1 work with Guitar Hero 3?

yes but not on wii

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int linearSearch(int a[], int first, int last, int key) { // function: // Searches a[first]..a[last] for key. // returns: index of the matching element if it finds key, // otherwise -1. // parameters: // a in array of (possibly unsorted) values. // first, last in lower and upper subscript bounds // key in value to search for. // returns: // index of key, or -1 if key is not in the array. for (int i=first; i<=last; i++) { if (key == a[i]) { return i; } } return -1; // failed to find key }

Do you get the guitar Guitar Hero 1?

No,but my friend has it , its awesome:]I recomend it.

What is the name of Guitar Hero 1?

Just guitar hero.

Will the Guitar Hero world tour guitar work with Guitar Hero 1 and 2?

Indeed it does.

Does Guitar Hero world tour have a guitar and bass guitar?

No it only includes 1 guitar but unless you have a 2nd guitar you can use that(only if it was for the other guitar hero games)

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The results of the cold agglutinins test require a doctor's interpretation. In general, however, a normal value is lower than 1:32.

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1 week

What is the key signature of the legacy by black veil brides?

The song is tuned to drop C#/Db (drop D 1/2 step downtuned) on guitar, & i'm pretty sure it's in the key of C#/Db minor

Is there such thing as Guitar Hero 0?

no. there is no such thing as guitar hero 0. they started out on guitar hero 1.

Can a Guitar Hero 1 guitar work with Guitar Hero 3?

Yes I'm quite sure it can

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How do you play taps on a trumpet in a lower key?

Since it's a tune that can be played based on harmonic series, you can play taps "open" which is how it's usually played. To play in a lower key you can simply use valves 1 and 2 or even 1 and 3 pushed down the whole time and play it just as if you were playing it open.

How can you be a guitar player?

1. Get youself a guitar 2. Learn to play it