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Train your Pokemon to level 100 or just keep it in the daycare for an extremely long time.

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What is the best party of Pokemon you should have at the beginning of the game in Pokemon leaf green?

mewtwo lv100entei lv100suicune lv100raikou lv100lugia lv100

What is a good Pokemon party for pearl?

arceus lv100 dialga lv100 palkia lv100 darkrai lv100 giratina lv100 deoxys lv100

What if your piloswine is lv100 how to make it evolve in Pokemon pearl?

no it cant

Do you have a good team on emerald Rayquaza lv100 Sceptile lv100 latios lv100 Groudon lv100 Kyogre lv100 and salamence lv100?

you have an awesome team but you're using too many legendaries take latios out and put in a electrical Pokemon or a dark Pokemon because you have 3 Pokemon that are legendaries.

The best team of Pokemon for pearl version?

darkrai lv 100,giratina lv100,palkia lv100,heatran lv100,creselia lv100 and salamence lv100.

What is one of the best Pokemon to use at the battle tower?

infernape-lv100 empoleon-lv100 torrera-lv100

What Pokemon youwill get if you use the ss tidal ticket?

Mewto lv100 Mew lv100 and Ho-oh lv100

FireRed how cani Pokemon lv100 noAR?

well the way to have lv100 Pokemon without AR is simple....... RASIE IT!

Can a lv100 Rayquaza's outrage beat a lv100 dialga in Pokemon platinum?

Only on tuesdays...

What is the highest level on Pokemon?


How do you get Lv100 Pokemon in soul silver?

You have to love and train your Pokemon.

Can you bypass lv100 in Pokemon pearl?


For LeafGreen how to get Pokemon to lv100?

Level them up.

How do you get a lv999 Pokemon?

highest level for any Pokemon is only lv100

How do you get lv100 Pokemon in Pokemon FireRed?

level them up on your own and slowly

In Pokemon platinum where is Pokemon one hundred-fifty-two?

Pokemon can only go up to Lv100 plus there are no wild Pokemon that are Lv100 unless of course you use action replay.

Who is the 2nd best Pokemon trainer in the world?

His name is Josh Fleszar hes in port charlotte fl he hacks alot and is beaten always by his rival (not in games but in real life) his team is,Groudon lv100,Ho-oh lv100,Entei lv100,Heatran lv100,Moltres lv100, and Darkrai lv100

What is the code for Pokemon to go above lv100?


What will happen if Pokemon reach lv100?

All Of Its Stats Are Maxed Out And Your Pokemon Will Be As Strong As It Can

What is hidden in the Resort Area in Pokemon Platinum?

the best Pokemon is a lv100 magikarp

How do you train Pokemon to lv100 if you haven't beat the Pokemon league?

train like heck

How do you beat flint in Pokemon Diamond?

you use strong Pokemon posibly water and lv100.

Where is grovle lv100 in Pokemon LeafGreen?

in ruby sapphire or emrild

Your friends haunter is a lv100 how can it evolve Pokemon diamond?


How do you level up Pokemon past lv100?

That's impossible -.-'