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You can not make Runescape your homepage on AOL. I have a couple of friends and some relatives who play Runescape and can not make it their home page on AOL.

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โˆ™ 2010-11-02 18:42:00
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Q: How do you make RuneScape your Homepage on AOL?
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What is the RuneScape homepage?

The homepage is

How do you make strengh potion in runescape?

Look at the guide, on the homepage. it tells you how to do herblore

When was the AOL homepage first launched?

As more customers were connecting to the internet using AOL's internet services, AOL became more and more popular. AOL first launched its homepage in 1995 after successfully launching their instant messaging service.

What can one find on the AOL homepage?

On the AOL homepage, one can find the latest news in politics, entertainment, sports, weather, and more. The page also contains a link that connects you to your AOL email inbox.

How do you set RuneScape as your homepage?

Go 'Tools', then 'Internet Options' then 'Use Current Button' while on the RuneScape homepage.

Where can one find AOL downloads?

Perhaps the easiest way to find AOL downloads is to visit the AOL homepage. There you can find various versions of AOL to download as well as some extra programs offered by AOL.

Where do you buy membership for RuneScape?

Only buy runescape membership from their site, look on homepage.

Where is RuneScape shop?

Runescape has multiple shops. If you are reffering to where you can shop for Runescape products, go to the homepage and look for Jagex's shop.

Who is Above00100 in RuneScape?

If you go to the runescape homepage, you can search " Hi - Scores " and it will tell you anything about anyone.

How do you end a hacked accounts subscription in runescape?

Runescape Homepage > Account > Account Management > Cancel Subscription.

How do you make a meebo?

Meebo accounts are made by "Make an Account" on the Meebo Homepage, usually people use their Windows Live ID, Their AOL ID, or their Yahoo IM ID.

RuneScape ban appeal?

This feature is under "Account Management" on Jagex Runescape Homepage, drop down menu.

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