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You get a piece of plastic paper.(Those are available at most craft stores.) Then, you draw a design or shape on your shrinky dink.(You can only use permanent marker because it is the only marker that won't melt off.) Cut out your shrinky dink,(it can be any shape or size) and punch a hole in it to make a necklace. If you don't want a necklace, put the shrinky dink in the oven on a brown piece of paper, and set it to 300 degrees on bake. Wait three min. then take it out. Touch the paper, not the shrinky dink. IT WILL BE HOT AND WILL HURT YOU! Wait 30-45 seconds for it to cool off. If the shrinky dink curls up in the oven, wait to see what will happen, it might stick, it might uncurl. IF IT STICKS, you MIGHT be able to uncurl it, maybe not. If it stays curled and sticks, make another one! Shrinky dinks are fun, easy and cheap. Some cool things that will happen are:It will thicken and feel like REAL plastic! The words will shrink with it! So will the hole you might have punched. ENJOY!

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Q: How do you make Shrinky Dinks?
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