How do you make a 11 year old girl love a 11 year old boy?

OK I'm an (eleven year old) girl, but I'm helping the enemy (boys) first just watch her. Blush and look away when she sees you. Then gaze into her eyes, again, look away when she sees you. Next if you're next to her in school start to talk to her. Become friends with her. After that, start to hang out with your friends more often. Secretly watch her. If she looks hurt, you're doing good. then hang out with her. If she asks if you like her say either, "first you tell me if you like me." in a soft and gentle voice. Or, "Oh! I have to go! Did you see the time? It's _ _:_ _! She'll either answer or blush. Next time she asks just tell her, fist you tell me in a soft and gentle voice. If she confesses do the same. If she tries to "chill" act casual not like whistling but act like you (she'll notice something)! Last time she asks inch towards her and say the same thing. If she says "yes" confess. If she doesn't CONFESS!