How do you make a LEGO centaur?

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There is a link in the related links that sells Lego centaur bodies.

What is a centaur?

Centaur (Centaurus, Ixionidae, Sagittary, Kentaure, Kentauros): In Greek mythology, these creatures are described as having the body and hind quarters of a horse but the head and torso of a man. They were also said to inhabit the mountains at Erymanthus in Thessaly or the countryside of Cylon. For ( Full Answer )

How do they make Legos?

they pour melted plastic into a mold then let it dry and then put it with other pieces to make a product. You probably can see how its made on youtube or the science channel. They have a show called 'How it's Made' and have clips of how stuff is made. Pretty interesting

How do you make a LEGO?

It depends, if you're using normal bricks, you just put them on top of each other and push them together. If you're using technic pieces, usually there is a piece that connects them. If you're using bionicle pieces, often there is a piece, commonly called a hand piece, which you connect. There are a ( Full Answer )

How can you make LEGO decals?

go to and click the decals sign then scroll across until you see a picture of a blank torso (lego) then you right click and save it to my pictures than go to my pictures and open the picture with the paint program and do what ever you want with it than go file page setup and you'll s ( Full Answer )

Can science make a centaur?

I am sorry to say no. A centaur is a mythical creature. And science has yet to prove the evolution of at least one new species.

How did they make Legoland out of Lego?

Designers and workers made models of displays and then constructedthem out of Legos. These are displayed at LEGOLAND and create somefascinating displays.

How do you make a Lego movie?

use a good camera and put it on a camera stand. if you wanted it to walk take a picture of every move he takes. so you really just take a picture of every movement. Just watch my movies on youtube,my name is Ayrestudios

How do you make custom LEGO parts?

That would depend on the quality. Most people make them out of clay or play-doe which tends to melt or form a big blop. Some people make paper stickers called decals to customize parts of the mini figure.Some even cut up Lego bricks and pieces. Well professionals would inject hot plastic into molds, ( Full Answer )

When make LEGO Batman magnets?

You can make lego magnets, (Any sort of lego magnet) by purchasing a magnetic rock, (that is compatible with electromagnetic powered "tools") with following instructions to use an acute bladed knife with a blade 4 inches or smaller, proceeding to cut the magnetic rock into a base of a rectangle and ( Full Answer )

What were centaurs?

A centaur is a mythological creature with the body, arms, and head of a man, but the front legs, back legs, and body of a horse.

Why LEGO stopped making LEGO stormtroopers?

They didn't acctully, they just haven't got to making Lego for a while. but if you want stormtroopers in a small cheap set (it comes with a ship too) its in this box- but if they don't have an enemy you can also get this one- http://www.toysforjun ( Full Answer )

How do you make a LEGO batman mask?

all you need is : a little bit of clay, black Lego helmet, black Lego goggles. what to do : make little triangles for mask ears, put on helmet, put goggles on. Simple!

How do you make costom Lego guys?

you got to put clay/play doe put it on a guy and mold it in to what you whant it to be let it dry an then you paint it or spray the clay to what color you whant it to be an there^^)

What can you make with LEGO?

Actually, ideas are endless when you play with Lego! You can make anything you want, anything that your imagination can come up with! Type Lego ideas into Google Images for some great ideas.

Can you make metroid out of LEGO?

Im assuming you mean Samus Aran FROM the metroid game? Yes you can, and many have. Best place to start it here: That will let you "build" something in your computer, then print a complete list of parts and instructions for building it in real life.'

How can you make LEGO Halo?

You can get a normal lego figure paint it white then make halo armor and add a lego alien police helmet (blue one with adu on it) and then paint that white and paint a halo helmet

Why did they make legos?

Someone had the idea, presented it to a manufacturing company, and now it's a multimilionare company.

Will Lego make Halo Lego?

Answer 1: . Of course Lego will make Halo, you can make anything with Lego. . Answer 2: . The Lego Group have no ideas at this time to produce Halo Lego but it is something we could see in the future..

Will Lego make futurama sets?

Apparently, there may be something similar coming out. Information cannot be released yet though. The monorail from the theme may come back. The theme itself may not though.

Where do they make LEGO?

Billund, Denmark is the main offices adn still has some manufacturing - but if you look at Wikipedia you will see they also manufacture in Mexico and East Europe

What makes LEGO?

Lego is mainly made in a huge factory in Denmark. The company Lego actually means 'play well' in Danish. A lot of robots are used in the making of all the elements.

How do you make a Lego Beyblade stronger?

It really depends on the size, for normal sized keep it not too light but not too heavy you can tell by doing this : spin your bey if it hits an object and stops spinning in one hit it is too light if it wobbles too much it is too heavy if you get it right it will spin for 1 minute like mine

Did the Danish make LEGOs?

Ole Kirk Christiansen, a carpenter from Billund, Denmark, came up with the Idea of Lego.

How do you make Lego movie?

They used some animation using a software that made it look like itwas done as stop-motion. However, for home movies, you would haveto use stop-motion, and it would take years for a feature-lengthfilm.

How do you make a custom Lego jedi?

What i like to do is cut out the minifigure torso on a piece of paper then draw on it the design i want. after that i tape it on. this idea works for the head and torso but alot harder to do for the rest.i do not recomend sharpies because all they do is SMUDGE AND GO AWAY SLOWLY. hope that helps ( Full Answer )

How do you make a LEGO Superman?

first you get wavy Lego robin from batman hair,then for the head you get Bruce Wayne head,next you get a red cape from squidman chase,when your done with that get a blue body blue arms and flesh hands finally get a red hips and blue legs plus to make it better make the S sign and super glue it on th ( Full Answer )

Why did LEGO stop making wooden LEGO?

Lego have stopped making wooden bricks as they have more advanced technology to build plastic bricks which are more popular with chilldren and parents .

How do you make a LEGO pen?

You can buy Lego Pens of Ebay or Amazon, but you might have a little difficulty making your own! If you've already got one and want to know how to assemble it, simply click all the different pieces together.

Who makes LEGO?

Lego is made in Denmark by the Lego Company. Lego is actually a Danish company. Lego means 'play well' in Danish. A lot of robots are used in the making of all the elements. Lego is mainly made in large factories in Denmark, where it was first invented. Sophisticated robots are used to carry out all ( Full Answer )

How does LEGO make pollution?

Lego is a toy, and therefore does not cause 'pollution'. However, the factories that Lego is manufactured may pollute the environment.

How do you make LEGO blood?

you can mix up vasalean water and somthing red like cool aid. pencil.or crayon no texta cause it stains legos i done once and my lego man is stainded. so no texta. ny mr dude rour

Will they make The Hunger Games legos?

Probably not since the book appeals to the age group of young adults, but they do have hunger games action figures. hope this helped (:

Do they make a Simpson's LEGO set?

No, and they probably never will since The Simpsons is not always kid-oriented. You could always make your own Simpson's Lego sets though.

What did a centaur do?

Trot, because they have hooves and they probs ate some greek grass or something idk did they even exist?

Will they make a Lego GTA?

As of now, it seems unlikely. Since LEGO is a child-friendly brandand Grand Theft Auto is rated M for mature, the audience of the twoproducts just doesn't seem like a good fit.