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Q: How do you make a Sims relation milestnoes on sims freeplay?
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Can you make your sims naked on sims freeplay?

No cuz kids play that game

How do you make a sim smoke on sims freeplay?

You can't.

How do you make a baby on sims freeplay come faster?

In order to make a baby on the Sims Freeplay come faster, you will need to make a love connection with another Sim. You then will need to get them to get into bed together.

How do you make your sim use the toilet on The Sims freeplay?

You click on the toilet.

How do you make a baby sim use the bathroom in sims freeplay?

You change the diaper.

How do you vomit in sims freeplay?

To make your Sims puke in "Sims Freeplay" you need to shake your device approximately 3-4 secs. Another thing that also works is to feed your Sims rotten or spoiled food. This is 100% guaranteed to work. Try it out!

How do you make your baby pee on the sims freeplay?

Change baby clothes change diaper

How do you make a toddler a teenager in sims freeplay?

You cannot. They haven't even made them into children!

How do you make your sim fat on sims freeplay?

You can't make them fat. Not even if you make them eat tons of food.

How do you inspire two sims on The Sims freeplay By Leigh?

You have to inspire two sims by having a dog then make the dog do actions that you want it to do then you have two inspired sims. Your Welcome

How do you make sims go from best friends to just friends on freeplay?

The fastest way to downgrade the relationship statues of Sims is to make one of them be rude to the other.

How do you make sims have babies on freeplay?

You buy a crip from the store and put it in a home of a married couple