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How do you make a best friend love you?


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Well, you can't MAKE someone love you. Be yourself, it is the most important thing in a relationship :)


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The best way to make a friend is to be a friend.

You cannot much than care for them. Caring for a best friend till they love you is a common phenomenon.

You cant 'make' anyone do anything, if someone loves their boyfriend then you cant force them to love you. If you love your best friend then too bad, I don't think you should get involved.

tell your best friend and make them all jealous and then love yourself to pieces!

Date he/she an make he/she your BF/GF :D

i don't know why i love with him best friend

Provided you are both adults this is OK.

Only you know if you are in love with your best friend. It may just be infatuation.

Their are high chances that one's best friend will love them.

its okay as long as your friend is cool with it. If she isn't make the decision.. the boy you love or your best friend

if i love some one and that person loves my best best friend i Will talk to my best friend to leave him or i wont talk to my friend again

This is my question, so I do not know how you make Google your best friend. It would be very kind if someone would answer this for me. Thank you, Love from your Penpal Susan

i will hug her and say i love you my best friend

You should wait til your boy friends friend is single put the moves on him and if that doesnt work then make sure he doesn't tell your boy friend or there will be trouble.

I wouldnt say love right away as it can scare them, definetly let them know that you care for them, if they were truly your best friend they will love you back or at least continue to be your best friend :)

You should know if your in love with your best friend. I was, and I asked her out and she loved me too! :D if you have to ask how do you know your not in love with him/her

be yourself, a best friend will love you no matter what.

when you love your best friend

Hi: Ask yourself, Who do you love more, her or yourself? If the answer is her, then you will want for her whatever will make her the happiest, even if that is being with your best friend. If the answer is yourelf, then you will probably try to get in the way of her happiness, and make her go with you. She has to make the same decisions for herself. If she loves you more, you will know soon enough. Real love is being happy for her no matter what she does.

Don't make yourself look desperate and keep pushing for him. Be happy for your best friend and accept it. Thats life. :)

Yes, you can fall in love with your best friend. You cannot control falling with someone.

if you realy love your best friend then you really shouldn't be with anyone except him if your using your boyfriend that just isn't fair but before you finish with your boyfriend make sure your feelings for you best friend are real because whilst going out with a best friend can be great the break ups are often harsh

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