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How do you make a bow?

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you take your strings and cross them them , then make 2 bunny ears have one bunny ear go down a hole then pull all done

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How do you make a bow from a fishing rod?

by learning how to make a bow ...............................

How can you make a bow in runescape?

First cut a log into an unstrung bow, then use flax on a spinning wheel to make bow string, then use the bow string on the unstrung bow to make a finished bow. You will require a higher fletching level to make better bows.

How do you make bow in doodle god?

Elf + Weapon = Bow

What is put on the bow to make the bow sticky?

Sticky glue

Do you make a bow and arrow in minecraft?

you make a bow seprate and the arrow you find when killing a skeleton

How do you make a violin get louder?

Move your bow closer to the bridge of your violin, get closer to the frog of the bow, and move your bow faster.

How do you make your hair in a bow like Lady Gaga?

you have to go on youtube and type in.......... how to make lady GaGas hair bow!

How do say bow in spanish?

It depends on the useage. To make a bow to someone is "dar reverencia". The weapon is "arco". A bow on a package is "lazo". The bow of a ship is "la proa".

When did Breaking Benjamin make 'I Will Not Bow'?

'I Will Not Bow' was released on August 11th, 2009.

What is the Hebrew word for bow?

it depends on context: bow, noun, (as in bow and arrow) = keshet (קשת) bow, noun, (as in "take a bow") = keedah (קידה) to bow, verb (as in, to make bow-shaped) kishet (קישת) to bow, verb (as in bending forward in front of an audience) = kahd (קד)

How do you make a bow in RuneScape?

u get logs a knife and bow string; use the logs on the knife select the bow you want then use it with the bowstring

How much money does bow wow make?

Why is Bow WoW So popular?and probbaly ALOT

When did glee make take a bow?

Rachel sang Take a Bow in the second episode of Glee

How do you make a dark bow?

You sadly cant make a darkbow.

What does Brian need to make a bow and arrow in the book Hatchet?

Brian needs to make a bow and arrow in the book "hatchet"because he needs food and to get food he needs t hunt so he needs to make hunting weapons. He needs to make the bow and arrow to hunt.

What is the difference between a compound bow and a recurved bow?

Compounds have cams at the end of the bow which make it easier to pull back and pushes the arrow farther.

What is put on the bow to make it stiky?


What do they put on the bow to make it sticky?


Can you make a bow out of palm branches?


How do you make a bow in Lost in Blue?

Well the way that I make a hunting bow is that you find a large stick and a jungle vine and put them together and there you go!

What is a dot over noteon violin?

It will make you do either stacatto where you make short bow movements, or spicatto where you bounce your bow on the string back and forth.

What did brian use to make a bow an arrow in the book hatchet?

Brian used to make the bow and arrow by, some of the resources that he had in the shelter with him and the outside resources

How did cro magnon make bow and arrows?

Cro magnon made bow and arrows. The earliest bow and arrows were made with sharpened stone tied to a stick. The bow used a piece of leather and wood.

How do you make the sound louder on a stringed instrument?

You press harder on the bow and play closer to the bridge with a flatter bow (instead of with just some of the hair on the bow).

What do you put on a violin bow to make the bow sticky?

Rosin is rubbed on the hair of the bow untill enough sticks to allow the hair to grip and thus vibrate the string.