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How do you make a boy ask you out?

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Do not MAKE him ask you out, try to flirt, talk more & just let him get to know you a little better.. & if he likes you, then he should have the courage to ask you himself, not be made.
Well if this is About a Boy you like that has not asked you it could be because he does not know you like him, he may like you but think you don't like him back. Try hanging around him more if you are around him more he will feel more at comfortable around you. I am not saying be all on his back but try to drop hints, it may take him some time to see that you like him.
Spend more of your time with him or simply ask him out yourself
get a friend to casually let him know that you like him, flirt it up, text him allot send lots of ;) and :)!! it will make him wonder and if he likes the wonders chances are he'll ask you

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How do you make a boy you like ask you out?

You can't make a boy do anything he doesn't want to.

How do you tell when a boy wants to make out with you?

ask him

Should a boy ask a girl out?

Well it depends if the girl really really likes the boy she should make a move but normally the boy should ask her out

How do you make your boy friend kiss you?

... Uh... Ask him?

How can you make a 12 year old boy ask you out?

If he likes you he will probably ask you out without anyone needing to 'make' him.

How do you get guy to kiss you when you are 8?

well, there are many answers to this. first, if you have dry lips, ask the boy to make them damp. Second, if you have a cut on your lip, ask the boy to kiss it and make it better. Third, ask the boy what does a kiss feel like? and he will proceed by doing so.

What does Oberon ask Titania to give him?

An Indian boy. Oberon wants to make the boy his page.

What do you say to get a boy to ask you out?

Why wait for him to ask you? Just ask him out. You cant make anyone ask you out. If you know he likes you, ask him, this is a new century. Make sure you are allowed to go on dates, with your parents.

When do you ask a boy to dance with you?

== == Just be friendly, and make sure you know him. Honestly, it helps. You can ask to fast dance with a boy if you don't know him, but its nice to slow dance with a "special boy". == ==

What is a cute way to ask a boy to be your valentine?

If a girl wants to ask a boy to be her valentine, there are several cute ways to do so. The girl can make a heart out of construction paper and write a cute saying on it and ask to be their valentine. A girl can also make a CD with romantic songs to give to the boy.

When should you ask a boy out?

never, the boy has to ask you out first!

How do you date a boy?

Answeryou ask your friend if they will help you then you have to make your friend to ask them then you will go out DONT ACT TO DESPERATE

Hot questions to ask a boy?

have you ever wanted to make out with a teacher?

How do you make a boy say something mean to you?

Ask them if they think you are ugly.ย 

How do you ask a shy boy to be your boyfriend?

ask him like you would an unshy boy. if you dont know how then tell him you like him and ask if he likes you. if he says no, then hes shy so he wont make a big deal out of it. and if he says no, dont ask again for awhile or he will think your creepy. if he says yes, then ask him to be your boy friend.

What do you do if you know a boy likes you and you like him?

flirt with him and be nice also try to ask him out if your to skared make your friends or his to ask him you out:)

How do you make a 6 grade boy ask you out?

You don't. Either they ask you when they feel up to it, or they don't. He might not be into you that way.

How do you get a friend to go out with a boy?

Dont force or make them. Ask them, if they say no, then let it be

How do girls make a boy nut?

If you need to ask you don't need to know.

Is it ok to ask a boy out?

Of course it is theres no law saying a girl cant ask a boy out!!! Maybe he even wanted to ask you out he just didn't know how!! So you make your first move!! Good Luck!!!

What do you do if you make your boyfriend cry?

It is fairly simple, ask another boy out and make out with him in front of your old boyfriend.

How can you make a boy go out with you?

Talk with them. Make contact. Ask about them. Tell about yourself. Be partners with them for a project. Whatever will make them talk to you.

How can you ask a girl to make out?

Oh another lost soul boy needs an answer well you walk up to her ask her if she wants to make out then start kissing her and touching her!

How do you make a boy sitting next to you look at you when he is showing his back?

maybe you can ask him for a pen or ask what problem r u on or just ask him a question

How do you ask a boy out you have freckles and you dont know if he likes you?

Don't. Flirt with him and make it clear that you like him, and if he like you hell ask you out.