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How do you make a boy ask you out?


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November 10, 2011 8:50PM

Do not MAKE him ask you out, try to flirt, talk more & just let him get to know you a little better.. & if he likes you, then he should have the courage to ask you himself, not be made.
Well if this is about a boy you like that has not asked you it could be because he does not know you like him, he may like you but think you don't like him back. Try hanging around him more if you are around him more he will feel more at comfortable around you. I am not saying be all on his back but try to drop hints, it may take him some time to see that you like him.
Spend more of your time with him or simply ask him out yourself
get a friend to casually let him know that you like him, flirt it up, text him allot send lots of ;) and :)!! it will make him wonder and if he likes the wonders chances are he'll ask you