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How do you make a business out of selling your own artwork or merchandise with your art imprinted on them?

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One option that I know of is a website called, where you can come up with ideas, art work, etc , and start an on-line shop. I'm sure there are MANY places like this website, but it's a good place to start! Check out atrs and craft shows in your area. Is your work unique, can it be priced right? Wandering through a show may give you some ideas.

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Where can you report a business for selling fake merchandise?

The Better Business Bureau would be the first stop.

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The type of activities in business organizations varies widely by the organization. Typical activities include bring the merchandise to the point of sale and stocking it, selling it to the customer, and follow-up on the sale.

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A person who sells merchandise, should be friendly. They should also be very knowledgeable on the products they are selling.

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Signing up is free. However, you are responsible for mailing books to other people and have to pay for the postage. They make money by selling merchandise and selling optional credits, services, and subscriptions.

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Was Edgar Degas a rich man?

Yes he had much money after selling some artwork.

Expenses that are incurred directly or entirely in connection with the sale of merchandise are classified as?

Selling Expenses

How much do sports teams make selling clothing and merchandise with logod and trademarks?

a lot

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By having their famous Blue Light Special

Where can one find Business to Business Selling online?

Business to Business selling involves buying in quantity and can also involve resale. Checking websites for manufacturers or wholesale distributors will locate businesses selling directly to other businesses.

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What are some benefits of selling a business?

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Definition of Trade Show and consumer show?

A Trade show can be business to business selling or business to consumer selling. Typically business to business. Consumer show is business to consumer selling/marketing I have been to a lot of shows and wouldn't be nearly successful if I hadn't done a ton of research first.