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Make the claim with the dealer that sold you the tires.

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2013-04-03 23:50:47
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Q: How do you make a claim to Continental for damaged tires?
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Your car was damaged by debris on the motorway can you make a claim?

my car was damaged by debris on the motorway can i make a claim?

What other tires does michelin make?

BF Goodrich, Uniroyal, Trivant, Continental tires.

What kind of tires does Cooper tires make?

Cooper tires make all different types of tires. You can find tires for good year, continental, firestone, bridgestone and there are many other tires that you can purchase.

Who makes Ironman tires?

Ironman Tires are made by Hercules USA, who also make Cooper, Continental and Falken tires.

Can someone make an insurance claim against you if you did not hit them at all just a near miss they now claim the near miss damaged their brakes?

No, if no contact is made, there is no basis for a claim.

What kind of tires does continental tires make?

ontinental is the world's 4th largest tire manufacturer after Bridgestone, Michelin and ... motorcycles, and bicycles worldwide under the Continental brand. They are found on alot of vechicles around the world and they are great tire to buy. I recommend to all people looking to buy quality tires.

What brand of tires are approved for Land Rover vehicles?

"The specific tire will depend on the exact make of Land Rover you own. However, approved brands include Bridgestone, Continental Winter, and Wrangler HP tires."

What if your neighbors home burned and your home was damaged how can you make a claim with their insurance?

You don't need too. Just make your loss claim on your own homeowners insurance policy. If your neighbor is liable for your loss then your Insurance Company will subrogate the matter for you.

How long you have to wait after getting a home insurance to make a roof claim?

You make the claim as soon as possible within reason after the roof damage occurs. If your roof was already damaged prior to purchasing the policy. it will not cover pre-existing damage.

Do you have to repair what was damaged or can you repair something else?

This question doesn't really make sense. You can't make a claim on your roof damaged by a storm then repaint your automobile if this is what you mean. You must fix what the insurance company pays you to repair or they will certainly cancel the policy.

What make tires are made in the US?

These companies and others manufacture tires in the U.S. but also manufacture tires in other countries. Check the stamp on the tire to determine the country of origin. Goodyear Michelin Cooper Continental General Yokohama Bridgestone Firestone Hoosier Lots of store brands and private label tires are made in the U.S.

What kind of tires does Kenda tires make?

Kenda tires seem to make specialty tires, it is listed as a category on their website. They make a lot of other types of tires as well, including wheelchair and turf.

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