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How do you make a compass?

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What will you need? * 1 sewing needle * 1 magnet (maybe there is one on the refrigerator) * 1 bowl of water * 1 small piece of paper What to do? # Stroke the dull end of a needle across the magnet 60 times, going in the same direction each time. # Now place the small piece of paper on top of the water in the center of the bowl. # Set the needle on top of the paper and gently move the paper to cause it to spin slightly. Make sure there is no metal nearby (does the table you are working on have metal on it or under it?) Also, make sure the magnet you used to magnetize the needle is at least 2 feet away from the bowl. If the paper gets stuck to the side of the bowl, gently nudge it toward the center again. # Now, wait. What is happening? When the needle and paper have stopped moving completely, the sharp end of the needle is pointing north. You can prove this compass is really pointing north by setting a manufactured compass nearby. Don't set the two compasses too close to each other because they will interfere with each other.

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Did Leonardo da Vinci make the compass?

Yes, he invented the Parabolic compass (a mathematical compass)!

Who was compass?

well the first person to make the compass was the chinese.

How do you make a compass In alchemy?

sun dial + glass = compass

Reversed magnetic polarity would make a compass do what?

It would make a compass needle point south ! :-)

Hot can you make a compass?

There are a few different kinds of compass. To make a compass that makes circles you could use a pencil and tie it to another pencil and trace circles.

How to make a working compass?

well you go on google then you type in "HOW TO MAKE A WORKING COMPASS". there you go you jack-wagon!!

Who was the first person to make the compass rose?

=== === ---- How did the Compass Rose get it's name?

Can you make a sentence with the word compass?

I used my compass to find my way out of the forest.

How do you make a circle with a compass?

If your unable to figure out how to work a compass its probably best not to use it.

A quartz be most useful to help make a simple compass?

what the quartz means is the quartz nail. No, a quartz nail is not the most useful to make a compass. A small iron nail is useful to help make a simple compass

How did the Chinese make the compass?


What Tool is used to make circle?

A compass

How do you make a 56 degree angle with a compass?


Did Chinese people make the first compass?

Yes the Chinese people were the first peole to make the compass they stopped using it about 300 years ago.

Will they make a second Golden Compass moive?

Probably not.They wanted to make it soon after Golden Compass but there were money problems, and there isn't no plans for the sequel yet.

How do you make 82 degree angle with compass?

By bisecting an angle of 164 degrees or use the compass with the help of a protractor.

How did technological improvements make exploration possible?

The compass.

When did the Chinese make the first compass?


How do you make a homemade compass?

Ambot sa imu

What material was used to make the first compass?


What do you do if zombie craft maps do not work?

then make a compass

What is the tool that is used to make circles known as?

A compass

How many circles can you make with homemade compass?


How much does a compass cost to make?

You can make a compass from as few components as a needle, a cork and a coffee jar lid filled with water !... Oh and a magnet to polarise the needle !

Which Chinese inventor invented the compass?

No one knows. All we know is that the Chinese and Europeans helped to make the Chinese compass.

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