How do you make a file on a PC?

Updated: 10/3/2023
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Files may be a document or an image and they must be saved in a folder that you can create clicking on New Folder on Windows Explorer. Now you can drag it onto the folder that you have just created after named it.

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Generally on a Windows, Mac or Linux PC, you can right click and select 'new file'.

This, however is not scripted in DOS (DOS is keyboard only)

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Q: How do you make a file on a PC?
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Most PC games will have a file extension of ".exe", which stands for "Executable"

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Make sure the video is in a file format that is compatible with the camcorder. Connect the PC and camcorder with the USB connections, transfer the video to the file folder that comes up when the camcorder is connected to the computer.Ê

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Unless your file system is very fragmented or is very close to full, this would make no difference in performance.

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A file name in a PC or Windows environment consists of which two parts

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when you download a file that has a virus

Does an MS Word file have the same file header and in the same format on a Macintosh computer as on a PC?

Yes, if you are using Microsoft Word it will be the same on a Mac or a PC.

Copy music from PC to PC?

Find the place where the file is saved and use a memory stick.

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A PKG file is not compatible with any windows based PC as it is a Mac installer file.

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