How do you make a fort out of blankets?

Making a Blanket Fort Want to make a blanket fort in your bedroom? Here is how. (THIS WILL WORK) Steps 1. Place a chair or two in the center of your room. Optionally, you may use your bed. 2. Get your blanket and unfold it. 3. Position blanket over your bed or chair. 4. Place books or heavy objects on corners to hold out sides of fort. 5. If you have a bunk bed, you can easily tuck a blanket under the edge of your upper mattress. The blanket will drape down over the lower bunk for a very private fort. 6. Add contents: pillows, food, toys, books. 7. Invite a friend or two to chill with you. 8. If you have access to a sectional sofa, it can be used to make giant forts! 9. You can make a circular blanket fort by putting several chairs in a circle and then draping a blanket over all the chairs. Then get more blankets and use books to hold the blankets on the chairs as you put them around the side of the chairs.