How do you make a friend in tamagotchis?


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By connecting with the red thing on top of it!

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If you use while visiting a friend, will make you fall in love with it, even if you guys hated each others guts!

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! make sure they don't though.

First find a friend/person with a tamagotchi v4. then you must go on the fifth icon and click VER.4 and choose one of the options. Game: you play a random game. Visit: you go to chosen person/friends tamagotchis house to visit. Then there is Present: You choose one of the wraped presents and you give it to the chosen friend. then your friend must do the same and you connect your two tamagotchis by the red bit at the top. (infra-red connection) Then the chosen activity will happen on the tamagotchis! (points will be awarded to the winner of games)

No, Tamagotchis are VERY different from The Sims since in the sims you create homes for your sims and control every part of their lives; Heck, you get to make their facial shapes and choose how they dress.

No..... As a girl and a boy can only make one and that counts for girls to.

Mametchi is the main character of all the tamagotchis! Or you could say mascot of all tamagotchis.

There are Wal-Mart and Zellers stores in Barrie, and Tamagotchis are usually sold there. Happy Tama hunting!

you get the main characters only. not celebitchi and tenpatchi and the other tamagotchis. you get kuchipatchi and mametchi and memeitchi. all the main characters. :)

a tamagotchis adult is whan your tamagotchis grows up to an adult you cot marry your tama play new games.

you can buy v6's (music) tamagotchis at walmart, target, toys r us, e-bay

It depends on who plays with them.

You cannot raise twins on any tamagotchi. The only tamagotchis that allow you to raise more than one character is the v5 and v5celebrity.

Its your lucky day! Tamagotchi v5s have just come out! In these you are able to raise a whole family of tamagotchis! Enjoy! Glad i could help:)

around the age of 5,6,&7

you conent with other real tamagochi

you can find them cheap at five below

a 4.0 can connect with a 4.5 and a 4.5 can connect with a 5.0 and a five can connect with with a 6.0 basicly the newest tamagotchi can connect with the second newest

Yes, All Tamagotchi's Can Connect As Long As The Red Bit At The Top Of The Tamagotchi / Famalitchi Is Close Enough (15 Cm Max)

i bought mine at toys r us.

you have to take care of it all the time

there is no limit so keep it healthy!

I got all my tamagotchis at Walgreen's

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