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corrisma. sense of humour. Dont say something you THINK is right but is actually wrong.

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Q: How do you make a good audition video?
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How do you get on season 5 of fetch with ruff ruffman?

you can either audition at Boston or send a video audition i send them a video audition myself

How do you audition for kidz bop?

You make a video and turn it in to the kids bio company

How do you get an acting job on Disney channel?

you will have to audition at Disney studios or make a video when they have those opportunity's if you like this answer please improve it and just write a good comment

How can you make a x factor video?

You go onto the x factor official website and click audition and then it will bring you onto a page that says audition in person, at a studio, or online with a video. click the video one and it will take you where you need to go. Right not is 4/2/12 and you have 13 more days to audition. Simon will take you through the steps and you will have to be ready to sit on fame and fourtion. Good luck and do you best. Producer of the x factor

Can you audition for The Sea of Monsters by a video?


How do you put yourself on a music video?

1) Be a good dancer. 2) Be good looking. 3) Be well known. 4) Audition

What is an actor's audition video?

it is what an actor gives a screen play writer ,a video of himself acting good,to try and get a part in a play/movie or whatever

How do you make a good Runesacpe video?

to make a good runescaoe video, make sure it's funny.

How do video auditions work?

you just audition and someone films you and then look over it to see if ure good enough

How do you audition for yg entertainment?

You only can send by mail a video of your audition. Singing, dancing, acting etc..

Where to audition for a Justin Bieber music video?

You will need a manager to set you up an probably audition for one.

How can you be in a justin bieber music video?

Go audition.

How do I become an official SAK Channel on Youtube?

well first you have to make a video audition and then they will pick u to be on the SAK channel.

How does a person audition to be a Kpop star?

there are different companys you can audition for, like yg, sm entertainment and stuff like that. you can go to the auditon website and post a video of your audition.

How do you audition for Disney's NBT Next Big Thing?

You have to make a video or voice recording or get known on YouTube that a lot of people like

How do you send a video to nbt next big thing?

I think you have to go to an audition. Not send a video.

How can you get on good luck charlie?

Audition. Next audition- NYC, USA.

What is Taemin's favorite food?

Steak. He said it in his audition video.

How do you audition for the Clique Movie based on books by Lisi Harrison without doing the online audition?

Umm...There is no way that i know of to audition without making a video and putting on there website

Where is a place to audition to be a singer?

You can check online if there's any opening for a audition to sing and where is the audition at. Good luck!!:)

Can there be an audition for the second Percy Jackson book The Sea of Monsters in DallasTX?

No theres not but you can still submt a video of you acting out the part you want and send it to youtube and title it.... PERCY JACKSON AUDITION all caps make shure

When you audition do you just send a headshot or can you send a video to?

Both can be done.

Can you audition for Americas got talent by video?

no actually I think that you can this season.

How can i audition to be in a one direction music video?

u cant love.

When are the cluiqe movie auditions?

If you go to you can try out for either Massie or Claire. You have to submit a video to audition though. If you go to you can try out for either Massie or Claire. You have to submit a video to audition though.