How do you make a good quality Lego film?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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Q: How do you make a good quality Lego film?
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What are some good Lego models to make?

a ship

What is a good way to make a baby FAST?

With Lego.

Did they make a LEGO ghost busters set?

No. Unfortunately Lego didn't make a Ghostbusters set. Definitely a good idea though.

What is movie editing?

It is where you edit a film to make the quality of it better.

How do you make your movie real?

when the movie sounds good.when all the aspect of a good and quality film are present its seems to be real.use the would get it real

How do you make an a out of lego?

You can refer to the image linked to below as a good example.

What are some Good ideas for a good short film?

You could make a short film about someone that has to make a short film so he makes a short film about making a short film.

Will there be a second Lego Indiana Jones video game?

Probably Not. They arent gonna make a game dedicated to one film....

How do you make LEGO drums?

Youtube is your friend! Just keep looking at videos to find how to make a very good one, i have a youtube account: sliptallicafan and i have made a video on how to make Lego drums.

How do you make a LEGO tent?

By buying millions of LEGO'S and by building it out of LEGO'S

How do you make a LEGO titanic?

you need Lego's.

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