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OK. First, you should go to Staples and buy some of the colored, metal, fold out locker shelves. Then put them up in your locker. After you do that, you can organize your books and stuff in any order you like. Try to keep it ordered how you need to use the items during the course of the day. Hope this helped!

NO IT DID NOT! you should actually order your books from first period at the bottom up so you take them n wen the day is done its back in the same order. n try to do a little clean out every other week or 2.

For Some Reason I can't find these answers really helpful because when I tried that my locker still ended up as a disaster zone. It'll take you time to actually clean up your locker!

Step 1 Take everything out of your locker sort it into 4 piles #1 Garbage #2 Stuff to take home #3 Magnetic stuff (mirrors whiteboards) #4 Things that HAVE to stay in your locker.

Step 2 Throw out all the garbage and make sure everything in pile # 2 gets home (eventually).

Step 3 If you don't have shelves in your locker you need some put your books on them organized from 1st class to last. If you have an extra shelve use it to put things that you use rarely.

Step 4 Make a plan of how you want tour magnetic stuff placed (for more info. on this ask how to personalize my locker?) put it in that way.

Step 5 Enjoy coming to a well organized Locker

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Let's face it. Most students find that they might have too much stuff and not enough space for all of it in their locker. Let's face something else. The school lockers aren't getting bigger. So students need to find ways to cope and make the most out of the space they have. As a student, here are some ways things that I found to be helpful in making the most of my limited locker space: # Keep the things organized. If everything is just thrown in there, it tends to take up more space. It's the same concept as the one that if you fold your clothes neatly you'll fit more in your dresser drawer than you would if you just stuff them in there. # Don't have things in there that you don't need. Often, I see students that lots of things that they don't need in their lockers, just taking up space. You won't need 7 hoodie sweatshirts. Take 6 of them home, and then you can leave one in your locker. # In the winter, you tend to have more things since you'll probably have a coat or jacket. I know it is annoying since that takes up more space. That means in addition to finding space for your backpack, books, and whatever else you have, you have to find somewhere for your coat. When you get to school in the morning, take your stuff out of your bookbag. Then put your coat/jacket in the bookbag, zip up the bookbag, and hang the bookbag on the hook inside. I call this getting two-for-one storage space. You can store your bookbag and coat in just the room your bookbag by itself would take up. # Every once and a while, clean out your locker. This will reduce your junk in there, which will also make things easier to find.

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There are commercial products available (, however i don't really feel they are necessary... just keep your stuff neat. Keep notebooks together, ans keep text books tougether. also make sure you buy good quality notebooks/ binders because if papaers start falling out everywhere it will quickly become messy. Fianlly, keep work and play separate, keep your personal papers separate from your school papers or else things will get lost and things will only get even more messy.

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Organizing a locker can be challenging. With these tips it should be easy!

Get a locker shelf

Locker shelves allow you to organize notebooks and textbooks on a shelf. They fit into regular hall lockers. These locker shelves can be found at Office Depot and Staples.

Organize time to organize

Find a day or time slot to organize and go through your locker. This can be set based on your overall organizational habits. For example: If you are an organized person, organizing this time should be every month or few weeks. If you are not tidy, every 2 weeks should do.

Other organizational tools

Metal pencil cases, dry erase boards, and metal hooks can help you keep organized.

Good locker luck!

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It's really simple.


Small box like a pop tart box, mini cereal box, cream of wheat

Magnetic strips or double sided foam stickies to make it stick to your locker


wrapping paper or any color construction paper

tape or glue

crayons or markers


1.) Cut out the lids from your small box. You can cut it anyway you want.

2.) Take your wrapping paper or construction paper and carefully wrap it around your box.

3.) Cut out excess paper you don't need.

4.) Put the magnetic strips or double sided foam stickies on the back or your box(es.) Tip: If you're using a double sided foam sticky, then don't peel of the sticker until you're ready to put it on your locker. If you do, the sticky will wear out.

Put anything in your boxes. Great for makeup, combs and hair accessories, medicines, lotions. Basically any feminine products.

Also: If you're using plain construction paper you can used markers or crayons to decorate the box so it doesn't look boring.

Enjoy being organized!

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Q: How do you make a locker organizer?
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