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find out what he likes then do those things.

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What does it mean when a guy says you make me feel like a man?

It means that you make him feel good about himself, you know? its just a good feeling to have for him

What will drugs do?

Drugs are bad, mkay. they make you feel soooo good man

Why does hydrocodone make me feel good with energy?

idk man but its making me feel great too! hahaha yeeeyee

How do you get a man hooked on you?

Make him feel special. Make him feel manly and "In Control".

Why do women suck mens willy?

Because it feels good to the man, and some women like to make men feel good.

How do you get a man that you admire the most?

You can't make him feel anything for you. However, if you become the woman YOU admire most, you will surely attract a good man.

Does it feel good to have long hair for a man?

depends on who the man is

How do you make your man enjoy sex?

Feel confident, act confident, smell good, and accept beauty comments.

Why does a man tell a women that she's pretty?

Because she likes her or just wants to make a person feel good

What does the quote The less secure a man is the more likely he is to have extreme prejudice mean?

It means the man has to see everyone's weaknesses to make himself feel good.

What is rihanna talking about in only girl?

she is obviously saying whatever man you have he should teat you good and make you feel special.

What are some good make you feel better songs?

Some good make us feel better is our things that we want to do but good things.

How did you feel when you were playing seesaw?

Feels good, man.

What type of man underwear should you get?

Get the pair that fit you good and feel good in.

How does the blues music make you feel?

it makes me feel good

What is the best answer for Why you feel you would make a good employee for their company?

to make you feel better of yourself and to feel stronger

What is it called to make a man feel inferior?


What does penetration with a woman feel like for a man?

it feels good. it feels good. it feels good.

How can small amounts of alcohol make you feel?

It tends to make people happy and feel good.

How do friends make us feel?

Friends (should) make us feel really good.

Why does a girl spent time looking in the marrior?

Girls like to look good. And if girls don't look good they feel insecure. Girls feel that looks is all a man looks for. And they feel that they have to look in the mirror to make sure there is nothing they could make look any better. (makeup, hair, teeth, etc.)

Good points about cotton?

They keep the black man down! and they feel good on crotch ;)

What to say to a guy after he says make you feel good?

You can flirt with him if you would like to. Also, you could compliment him or try to make him feel good.

Can a male feel the sperm coming?

Yes a man can feel the sperm coming.The sperms when coming make the man move more faster.

Do institutions make man or does man make institutions?

Men make Institutions....because if an instituion is good then is it is only due to good persons