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It is impossible

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Q: How do you make a myspace Comedian page private?
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How do you make a color background on your private front page on MySpace?

you cant change the private colour, it will just show it on the new 2.0 version the background. hahahahhahaha.

How can i make my MySpace page a fan page?

Okay, so you have your regular myspace page. Make another one. Then, make the second myspace page #1 on your top 8. The name at the top of your profile pic you should write MY FAN PAGE. =]

How do you make a internet page?

go to myspace and you can make a interrnet page their.

Does Snoop Dogg's son corde has a MySpace?

He is listed on this celebrity myspace list: Just look down the page and his official myspace page URL is listed there. You need to add him to see his page because he is under 18 so his myspace is private.

How do you access someone's MySpace page if they have it set to private?

you cant unless there ur friend.

How can you look at someone pic of myspace who have tham private?

you can go to they home page and click on the pic

What is brookelle bones myspace page?

WikiAnswers does not provide private information for non-celebrity individuals.

How can you see contents of a blocked MySpace page?

If you mean a private page, read this:

How do you set your MySpace page to private policy?

Click on "My Account" in the top right corner of Myspace. Then click on "Privacy". You can change all you privacy settings from there.

How do you make a MySpace band page?

when you are making a account on myspace you click on the link on the side that ask if you are a musician.

Doe lita have a MySpace page?

yes she does have a myspace page

If someone has a profile on myspace that is set to private and you are not a member of MySpace but click on their name can they trace with a tracker who you are and how often you click on their name?

If their profile is set to private, no. If it's not, it's only possible to track the IP addresses of visitors to their page.