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You can't. If a person is a true narcissist, you can't 'make' them behave otherwise. Narcissism can only be modified by a professional and then only if the narcissist is motivated to try.

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Can you change a narcassist?

Absolutely never! My best advice is leave, run and never look back.

Is it possible a narcassist father will physically hurt your daughter she is 18 years old?

Yes, especially when no one is looking. Narcissist love hurting others.

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If you ignore a narcissist will he continue to try to contact you?

No he will leave you alone, you are of no use to him now the best way to get rid of a narcassist is to cut all ties from them they bore when you don't play their game and will look for their next victim to destroy.

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Will your ex narcassist bother you and his unborn child if you ignore him?

He may however, it depends where he is leading himself as whatever is important to him at that point will be what goes and if you are an ex he may just not be interested and ignore you back. Hard to pick a mind of such a magnitude.

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