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How do you make a new floor?


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2006-07-23 15:29:14
2006-07-23 15:29:14

Lay plywood on top of floor joists. Specifically, what are you asking? BClear

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Build a new floor and make it a residential floor. Each day you'll get rent from your bitzens.

Carpeted floor mats are an excellent way to make your car look new. They come in a variety of colors and sizes and can be purchased at your local auto parts store.

Using a good sealer on a tile floor will protect the tiles as well as help make the floor easier to clean. Sealers are easy to apply with a mop to a dry, clean floor.

Tap the floor and make a beat

Tear up floor. Install new floor......

try cleaning floor with murphy's oil soap. floor will slippery until dry.

Land masses move by ocean floor-spreading, which is the process in which the underwater volcanoes at rift zones make new ocean floor causing the old ocean floor to sub-duct in a trench.

most new form as magma cools on the ocean floor

Seafloor spreading where new floor is formed. Subduction zone where older floor is pushed back into the mantle.

The floor traders on the NYSE make round about $50k and more but it depends what type of floor trading you are doing.

That is diverging oceanic plates that make a sea-floor ridge and the magma rises up.

You have to go to the build section and buy stairs and then you have to make a floor.

The bones that make up the floor of your skull. It is so obvious.

the place where new sea floor is born in mid oceanic crust

New sea floor is formed from rising magma from underneath the crust (oceanic crust)

no but u can stack objects to to make it like a second floor

start at the2 nd floor run it down to the existing pipes, will have to run it outside of walls, unless you want to tear the wall out, then make a cover for it

Forms by lava from volcanoes on the sea floor

A floor polisher uses rotating heads to dislodge dirt and to apply wax and buff the floor. It should not make the floor slippery, however that also depends on what you use. I know for a fact that Pledge on a wood floor creates a surface that is like an ice rink

the sea floor separates. magma comes up the crack forming new sea floor

The old floor should be cut out. Preferably with a plasma cutter. The new floor should be welded in. It would probably be best to leave some overlap, flange it and then spot or rosette weld the new floor to the overlap flanges.

New ocean floor is created at mic-ocean ridges which are divergent plate boundaries.

It makes your floor shine and make it smooth. it will take out the dirt and protect from the weathering or any other means. It will look good and make your house look neat.

change the lines to make the maze on the floor

Yes it is called get a new floor. But other than that no.

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