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I've been playing poptropica for a while and i think you can't actually change your person but you can change their clothes by clicking the green shirt icon in the top left corner on the screen then clicking on another person and then a thing with your person and the other person should show up.When you get that click on the item of clothing you want and tehn press accept and you have your new clothes

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Q: How do you make a new guy on poptropica still on your first file?
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How do you get inside the file cabint on poptropica?

ya need a stink bomb from the lab (you need to make it)

How can you make the invisible suit invisible poptropica?

you have to stay still or it doesn't work

How do you make it across the bricks on poptropica?

first talk to the captain

How do you make 2charecters on Poptropica?

you just have to finish all of poptropica with your first person and then pick another person,username,and passsword.

Do i still have to file taxes even if my business didn't make a dime this year?

You have to file the appropriate reports.

How do you get a whisker off of cerebus on Poptropica?

first make him fall asleep then click on him

How can one restore deleted files?

It's not hard to restore deleted files. First check and make sure you didn't empty your recycle bin, if the file is still in there, just restore it. In order to restore them, you must first download a free file recovery program.

How do you make Reality TV Island open faster?

You cant make it open faster. If it's not open , that means Poptropica is still working on it.

How do you make yourself look like an assassin in poptropica?

how to make assassin on poptropica

How do you look like Sonic the Hedgehog in poptropica?

sorry dude or girl on poptropica you have to try to make it yourself..... BUT I DO KNOW THE FIRST THING IS to color your guy or girl blue.............................................

How do you make an island in Poptropica?

you cant make an island, but you can send ideas to the creator of poptropica by clicking on Contact Us, then Poptropica Feedback.

How do you make a Poptropica video?

Simple use hypercam and make poptropica vidoes or walkthroughs.