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You go to a store and wast $3.99 and you could save all the time making one. Wat I do is just steal one (SMOKEY).( TKO.) MAKE YOUR MARK COUNT GO BIG

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How do you make a solid paint marker?

this space is for answering "how do you make a solid paint marker?"

How do you use a marker to coupler a Nerf gun?

Umm.....well I guess you can just open a sharpie and color it in or you can use a paint marker preferably a paint marker

Is a marker another word for a gun?

yes in paint ball they call it marker but it really is just a paint ball gun

What is something that is used to make pictures?

pencil,crayon,marker,sometimes they carve it. other stuff to like paint. you also can on a Microsoft computer and click on paint.

Can you use a paint marker on a vinyl banner?

I am pretty sure you can that you can use a paint marker on a vinyl banner. I'd be careful though; test it out on a scrap piece if you can.

Are the paint markers used by painters washable?

No. The paint in a professional marker is generally enamel and once dry will not be removed by anything less that paint thinner. If you need a washable paint marker try looking at your local arts and crafts store for "washable paint markers."

How do you get paint marker off a laptop screen?

If you have marked with permanent marker pen, try overwriting with a whiteboard marker and then wipe with a clean cloth.

How do you fix the paint on a bey blade gravity Perseus specifically?

Use a marker, paint brush or spray paint

How do you paint your nails with marker?

All you have to do is get any color marker or maybe a sharpie (might be better) all you have to do is get it and color your nails like how your color something with marker.

How do you tune down a paint marker?

You can lean it upwards for a while.

How do you make India gate model?

we can make India gate model by using waste material like- 1 news paper 2 redish brown paint 3 paint brush 4 black marker

What do you use to paint on Photoshop?

You would use the marker/pen/brush tool, or the paint bucket tool.

Is the t9 elite paint marker better than the bt4 assault?


Where do you get parts for the Rex r1 paint ball marker?

Since this marker is so old, the only place to get one would be online.

Why would different solvents be needed in car paint and marker pens?


How do you think the strength of forces between particles compares in car paint and marker pen ink?

in car paint the water particles are in abundance compared to in marker pen ink they water molecules lack. the dehydration synthesis occurring throughout the paint makes the strength of the hydrogen bonds in particles much stronger in car paint.

How do you make a streak marker?

wipe a marker on your paper with different colros

What type of primer will stop marker bleeding through put 3 coats still coming out strong?

Paint over the marker areas with shellac. Then repaint.

How does the markers paint?

markers make colors like that because (I think-I'm pretty sure) markers have something almost like paint coloring inside of them and when you go to paint something -when you mark something with the marker on a piece of paper it spreads paint on the page. (sorry I didn't explain it so good. It's complicated)

What is the difference between a paint ball gun and a marker gun?

Nothing. A paintball gun is referred to as a marker so as not to convey a message that paintball is dangerous or markers are weapons.

What medium did Keith haring use?

Chalk, spraypaint, marker ink, sumi ink, acrylic paint, oil paint, gouache...

Who was the first to make a permanent marker?

The permanent marker was invented in 1952 by Sidney Rosenthal.

How do you remove marker writing from drywall?

You can only paint it over with a high hide primer like Kilz or Behr Premium. Even then, some marker may leach through.

How do you remove permanent marker from an acrylic painting?

If the acrylic painting has been hanging for a long time, try using a cotton swab and some acetone fingernail polish remover. The polish remover should wipe the marker from the paint without lifting the paint. Take your time and use just the tip of the swab and the marker should lift off into the swab.

Which type of paintball marker shot paint balls farthest what was the independent variable?

The distance the paintball went.

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