How do you make a paper Game Boy?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: How do you make a paper Game Boy?
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fire + glass equals paper

Who made Game Boy advance?

Sorry, I cannot answer that. But Nintendo did make the Game Boy Advance. (GBA)

Can you hook up a line to make trades from Game Boy Advance SP to a Game Boy ds?


How much does the average paper boy make per week?

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How do you make a fake Game Boy?

get a pice of paper fold it ham burger then u draw the words on the top game boy advance the you put the l and r buttons open it up draw the screen and then draw start select and a and b and finaly draw what game your playing this is by aking 97

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Where do you get harvest moon for a Game Boy advance in store's?

srry, but i dont think tht they make this game for game boy advanced anymore.

How do you make a Game Boy Action Replay Max connect to the Game Boy advanced?

You have to put the game in it and then put the action replay in the gameboy game slot.

are game boy advance consoles still manufactured?

No they no longer make Game Boy advance with the creation and cost of the DS.

Was the Game Boy Micro the last Console NINTENDO Game Boy decided to make?

The Nintendo Game Boy Micro and the Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP Mark (Back-Lit screen) were the last models in the Nintendo Game Boy line as the Nintendo DS and DS Lite and DSi are not considered as a Nintendo Game Boy.

What are the materials used to make the Game Boy?

please answer this

How do I make the Game shark for Game Boy Adavance stop saying unknown game?

you need to make the game on there with the master code which in on