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you can't make a pencil in minecraft, but there mite be a mod for it.

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How do you build a pencile in Minecraft?

If you mean pencil, you can't

Why did you make Minecraft?

Notch made it,not me!

How do you make a color changing pencil?

you put different colored pencil fillings in the pencil

Is a pencil ductile?

Ductile means that you can pull the substance into a longer, thinner wire shape. Can you stretch a pencil? No because wood is not ductile.

How do you make a key in Minecraft?

There are no keys in minecraft!

How do you make money in Minecraft?

There is no money in Minecraft.

What is the use of pencil sharpener?

a pencil shapener is a tool used to make your pencil work

How do you make a firework in Minecraft 1.5.2?

how to make a fire works in minecraft 1.5.2

How do you make cannon in Minecraft?

You have to have a mod (modification) to make a cannon. It is not in vanilla minecraft.

How do you make a rope in Minecraft?

There is no rope in vanilla Minecraft.

How do you make a suppressor on Minecraft?

There is no such thing as a suppressor in Minecraft.

How do you make a wrench in Minecraft?

There aren't wrenches in Minecraft.

How do you make a video in Minecraft?

You can't really make a video IN Minecraft. You have to buy a program like Fraps that records your Minecraft gameplay.

What can you make from lead?

you can make pencil material

How much does it cost to make Minecraft?

You cannot make minecraft. Unless there is a mod or plugin for it.

How do you make apple pie in Minecraft?

You cannot make apple pie in vanilla minecraft

How do you make a hanglider in Minecraft?

You cannot make a hang glider in Minecraft without mods.

How do you make an apple in minecraft pe?

How to make a apple in minecraft pe

Can you get your belly button pierced with your aunt?

Yes. All you have to do is get a pencil. Make a pencil skirt. Then make your aunt wear it.

How do you make a custom Minecraft head?

Google: Minecraft Skin CreatorMake your skinDownloadGo to Minecraft ProfileUpload skin

What can you make on Minecraft?

Literally anything physically possible in Minecraft.

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