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How do you make a pregnant puppy push out a baby?


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First of all, puppies are too young to be pregnant. Second, a gentle massage of the stomach and soothing vocal tones will allow the mother's natural reponses to kick in.

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To make you teen sim get pregnant you have to have 2 different genders, then you do the cheat agesimscheat (on/off) turn them into adults and make them go into a double bed then click on the other sim push TRY FOR A BABY then after they are going to have a baby (you will knoe because it makes a little noise) then change back to your teens and that is how to make a teen have a baby!!!!! GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!

The reason why pregnant women scream is most likely because of the contractions which can be very painful. When a women is having the contractions it means the body is telling them to push the baby out, and since it can take a while, and the baby can be quite big, it is hard to push so their bodies work in over drive to try to get the baby out a quick as possible. And it can also be very painful trying to push the baby out.

you might be able to but it more than likely will die usually the contractions will push the baby out

you buy game boy advance game the sims 2 and you make a guy and relax on the double bed and you push try for baby

Yes. It is possible. You can seriously injure the mother and/or the baby very badly.

Keep pushing - I know you can do it! Push, Push, PUSH!!!! Come on, you're doing really well! I can even see the baby's head! Push harder!

You push your puppy until they laydown, then clearly say "laydown", then pet them and give them treats. Do this repeatedly and they will learn very quickly. I did this with my puppy when teaching her sit and she learned it in 15 minutes!

You should be expecting the baby anytime soon!! :) Make sure you have a bag packed to take to the hospital when your waters break and push that baby out your vagina!! Birth is beautiful!! :)

A full-term pregnant woman in childbirth who is working to push a baby out would tell you they are very big.

The muscles contract which in turn push the baby out.

Depends on how hard you push.

it's different with every animal I guess. people could be considered "animals" in a way.anyway, here's the answer. They get pregnant. (duh) after a while (9 months for humans) they begin to feel contractions which helps them push that baby out! so they push, push, push. It's pretty painful for most. they push and strain and eventually the animal or baby comes out the vagina. a new life!because if they will die the cubs will be alive

You shouldn't "push" on your stomache at all when you are pregnant. Feeling around is okay but be gentle and don't use hard force on your stomache. You shouldn't "push" on your stomache at all when you are pregnant. Feeling around is okay but be gentle and don't use hard force on your stomache.

No its actually Daddy Yankee's "Pose".. In case that isn't the song you were looking for it may be this one. Pretty Ricky feat Sean Paul- Push it Baby, with the following chorus: I Wanna See You Push It Push It Push It I Wanna See You Move It Move It Move It I Wanna See You Wind It Wind It Wind It I Wanna See You Push It Baby Oh Just Push That Thing On Me Push It Baby I Wanna See You

No. It can actually make it worse because it can push the seminal fluids further into the vagina.

It is always recommended that you talk with your doctor about exercising while pregnant. If you are already doing push-ups as part of your exercise routine and have the upper body strength, push-ups should not be a problem. You can also do push-ups with your knees on the floor. Push-ups are not going to cause you to miscarriage. Actually studies show that exercising while pregnant helps fetal development.

Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to push if the baby is not in any distress and there's no rush to get him or her out. Your body will push him/her out for you.

No you cannot as your baby is protected by a sac which is full of fluid. This protects your baby from harm during your pregnancy. However you may be able to feel a hardness in the lower part of your abdomen but this is the uterus itself. At 16 weeks your baby is no bigger than a stick of butter, also it is not wise to push hard on your abdomen when you are pregnant.

17 is the age of consent so you're in the clear. Don't know what you mean by "push it" but if it's regarding the baby it's all up to the 17 year old to decide. She is the only one who is legally allowed to decide before the baby is born. After the baby is born the both of you decide.

a push to make switch is used for a battery

1. Get yourself the puppy. 2. Get a set of four puppy ice skates. 3. Train puppy to skate. 4. Find a lake with a nice, level covering of ice and no snow. 5. Give your puppy a gentle, firm push. 6. You should get maybe 20 ~ 30 feet on a good day.

stroller, pram ( shortened from parambulator ) A baby buggy and a push chair.

When a gorilla is ready to give birth, she will separate herself from the rest of her family and build a nest out of tree branches and soft leaves. Then she will squat or lie down to push the baby out. The baby comes out exactly like a human baby does. Then she will pick the baby up to make sure it is alive and begin caring for it.

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