How do you make a psi ball?

Its pretty easy I told both my friends how and they're getting there.

Okay first imagine that you are on a powerful energy source, and that energy source is lending you all its energy once you think you have enough energy put your hands together but don't let them touch! Then you should try to visualize the ball after that put your hands slowly apart and back in the position keep moving your hands slowly until you feel you have a lot. You simply program it with your mind to do what you want. After that (sniff) you have to let it go by just realising it.

Well I hope this works for you and by the way you wont be able to see it with out practice.

Second way it will work

OK you put your hands like your praying but not touching. Then you try to hear your heart beat. Then when you feel the pressure push in a little and then push out a little. Then you cup your hands like your swimming. That is how to make a psi ball. Now if you want to really feel something, imagine that the psi ball is ice or even fire and then you should feel it getting hotter or colder.

For more information on psi balls and other psionic techniques go to (link below)