How do you make a quilt?

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The two sewing concepts most important to making a quilt are "piecing" and "quilting." "Piecing" refers to assembling small pieces of material into a decorative quilt top, while "quilting" describes the technique of sewing the quilt layers together to create a finished product. Quilting ensures your batting -- the filling in the middle of the quilt -- doesn't shift or bunch when used.

Piecing (sometimes called "patchwork") is the art of making a design by sewing scraps or remnants of different cotton fabrics (patches) together. Sometimes patchwork follows a known pattern, such as Log Cabin; other times, the patches are just chosen randomly, in a fashion known as "crazy quilt. To make a quilt, first choose your fabric and a pattern. There are many books and magazines devoted to the art of quilting, with designs of varying levels of difficulty. A simple nine-patch pattern is fun and easy for your first project.

Some people pre-wash and dry their fabrics before cutting. This is an especially good idea if you're using bright colors that might bleed and ruin other bits of material. Pre-washing also removes sizing and other protective chemicals, and allows the fabric to shrink before sewing. For best results, tumble dry on low heat, remove fabric from the dryer immediately, and always iron before you cut.

Other people prefer crisper fabric because it's easier to cut and work with, and either skip the pre-wash step, or spray the fabric with starch before ironing.

Use a rotary cutter to cut nine large blocks of fabric for the top. Always cut parallel to the grain (the direction the threads run) to prevent stretching. Blocks cut along the grain assemble nicely, while blocks cut across the bias (diagonally across the weave) tend to stretch, and are difficult to fit together accurately.

Once all of your blocks are made, sew them together using a quarter-inch seam. Press each seam open with a steam iron as you work. Now sandwich the quilt: place backing fabric down on the floor or a large table, then place a layer of quilt batting cut slightly larger than the back over it. Make sure you have an even margin all the way around, with equal measures of batting on each edge. Next, lay your pieced design on top, with the pattern facing up. Smooth out any wrinkles and make sure everything lines up properly (this step is much easier if you have a helper).

Once everything is lined up properly, find the center of quilt and fasten the layers together with a large safety pin. Working from the center outward, continue placing pins every six inches, until the entire sandwich is completely secure. If you plan to complete your project by traditional hand-quilting, you can leave the pins in place. If you plan to finish by machine, as many people do, baste the layers together using a wide and loose running stitch, then remove the pins (so they don't break your needle).

Now the piece is ready to be quilted using a pattern of straight or decorative stitches to replace the basting. Not only does this ensure durability, it contributes to the beauty of your finished piece. Since the project described is a 9-patch quilt, simply follow the lines of the squares with your sewing machine or hand-stitching.

Finally, finish the edges by sewing on a binding. This is a simple overview of quilt-making. For more comprehensive instruction, see the selection of beginner books available via Related Links.

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Q: How do you make a quilt?
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How many quilt blocks are used to make a quilt?

The number of quilt blocks used to make a quilt is highly variable depending on a few factors. The size of the quilt largely determines the number of quilt blocks.

Is quilt a verb noun or adjective?

Quilt can be a noun (the item) or a verb (to make a quilt, quilting).

What is the duration of How to Make an American Quilt?

The duration of How to Make an American Quilt is 1.95 hours.

What are quilt patterns?

Quilt patterns include instructions, diagrams and pattern pieces showing you how to make a quilt.

Is quilt a noun?

Yes, it is a noun. It is a cover for a bed or chair. To quilt is a verb meaning to make a quilt.

How much fabric do you need to make a quilt?

In order to know how much fabric is needed to make a quilt, you need to look at the instructions for the quilt that you are making. In order to make a quilt, you have to have instructions. They will tell you how much fabric you will need on the packages.

What do you you make a story quilt with?

You can make it out of either paper or cloth. Paper squares can be glued to a long strip of butcher paper, or taped together to make a big quilt, and cloth squares can actually be sewn into a real quilt.

How many quilt squares to make a king quilt?

A king size quilt will usually take around 840 squares. This means the quilt will be 30 squares across by 28 squares long.

How many quilt blocks to make a twin size quilt?

it depends on how big or small the blocks are

What do you do with scrap fabric?

Make a quilt.

What can you make with your funky fabric?

A quilt..

What are quilt blocks?

A quilt block is an individual piece of fabric used to make the pattern of the quilt top. Many blocks are sewn together to create a quilt. Quilt pieces could be be called patches, or blocks. Usually a quilt block is assembled from several quilt pieces, though not always. They are sometimes called appliqué.

How To make a tent out of quilt covers?

make quilts first

Who was the author of 'How to Make an American Quilt'?

How to Make an American Quilt was written by Whitney Otto, and originally published in hardback by Villard Books in 1991.

Where can you find the patterns for the quilts in the movie 'How to Make an American Quilt'?

Pieces of An American Quilt, by Patty McCormick, is the companion quilt manual for the movie "How to Make an American Quilt". It has the patterns for all the quilts depicted in the movie.You can find the book by clicking the link listed in Related Links, below.

A boy wanted to make a quilt Perimeter was forty two What are its possible dimensions if they must be whole Numbers and which lengua and with make most sense for a Quilt?


What size squares do you need to make a single bed rag quilt?

A single bed rag quilt can be made with squares of many different sizes; there is no one "right" way to make the squares. If large squares are used, fewer will be needed to create a single bed quilt. Similarly, more smaller squares would need to be sewn together to make a quilt of the same size.

Why do people quilt today?

Because they want to make things.

What is a calico quilt?

A calico quilt is a quilt made out of calico fabric.

What color thread should you use to quilt the quilt?

It depends what color the quilt is. You want the thread to blend into the quilt.

How would I use quilt hangers?

Quilt hangers are the best way to hang quilts on your wall. To hang a quilt, sew a sleeve on the back of the quilt. Then, drape the quilt over over the quilt hanger and attach it to the wall.

Instructions for knot a quilt?

To make a knot a quilt, you will first have to cut out your quilt squares. To do this make a template. Your template should have evenly spaced slashes all around the square. Use the template to cut out your fabric squares, include the slashes. You simply tie knots by attaching one quilt square to the next by knotting the cut pieces of fabric to one another.

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Can quilt making be a fun project for kids?

A quilt can be a fun project for kids, especially if you let them design one or two 'patches' of it. You can give them the fabric and let them use fabric paint to make a design and help them sew it to the quilt.

i have quilt blocks my mom embrodered. where can i find classes to make them into a quilt.?

In St. Louis: In Stitches Quilt Shop (636) 394-4471 , Quilted Fox (314) 993-1181, Jackman's Fabrics (314) 352-7979