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How do you make a scooter?

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A scooter is 2 wheel vehicle(a vehicle is something that moves you) that has a handle bar connected to the front wheel that allows you to steer it. It doesn't have pedals and is ridden while standing up. It can have a seat but if you have to be sitting down to be using it safely or properly, then it is NOT scooter as a scooter should be able to be used without the seat just fine. Ff you need the seat, then it is known as a 2wheel cycle or a pedless bicycle.

THose are the characteristics that define a Scooter. 100cc scooters and bigger engine sized scooters aren't actually scooters because you need the seat to use it properly.

-Anthony V

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How much petrol can be filled in a scooter?

Need to know the year, make and model scooter.

What is the best scooter make?

CTM 125

What materials make a scooter?

Motor, Wheel

How you make your scooter bars longer?

you extend them

What is the best make of scooter?

yamaha aerox!!

How do you make a Bella scooter faster?

but a engine in it

What is the best stunt scooter make?


Where can you find a custom trick scooter?

Just go to you can make your own scooter and order it online!

Where can you buy District scooter wheels?

you cant get district scooter wheels any where they dont make district wheels

How much money does Scooter Gennett make?

MLB player Scooter Gennett made $504000 in the 2014 season.

How do you make your motor scooter go faster if you have a 2 stroke engine?

An improved flow of air and fuel mix will make the scooter faster. You can do this with an aftermarket exhaust.

Why does scooter make a rattling noise?

its because you must have something lose on your scooter try tightening all the bolts and stuff.

What wires do you cut to make your scooter faster?

the brake

Why are your scooter bars stiff how can i make them smooth?


How can you make an electric razor scooter go slower?

The battery from a the scooter can be removed. This would still allow the scooter to retain movement while keeping its top speed relatively low.

How can you make a Newton Scooter and how do you make it move once its built?

banging your girlfriend

Where do you change gear oil on a scooter?

Depends on the make, and model scooter. As long as there is no leak, you almost never have to change gear oil.

Do you need scooter forks for your scooter?

yes you do need scooter forks on your scooter

How do you make an electric scooter go faster?

Go downhill

How do you make a petrol scooter quite?

Leave Engine Off

Where can you purchase a scooter repair kit online?

You can purchase a scooter repair kit online at any online scooter store, ebay, amazon, or many other places. Make sure you know exactly what kind of scooter you have so you don't order the wrong kits.

What are the best razor scooter wheels?

there are much better wheels than razor. razor doesnt make any good scooter products

What is the proper term for the present tense of riding a scooter?

I/you/we/they ride a scooter. He/she/it rides a scooter. or - riding a scooter.

How do you make a DBX scooter go faster?

There are all kinds of kits to enhance speed of scooter even nitrous oxide look on e-bay

Is mgp the best make of scoooter?

Yes exspeicaly the lightness of the scooter and it is a good pro scooter to ride on. Tailwhip dubstep bwa bwa bwa