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There is no such thing as a suppressor in minecraft.

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Q: How do you make a suppressor on Minecraft?
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How do you make a gun suppressor?

Contrary to what you may have heard, or seen in a movie, there is no way to make an effective suppressor out of a soda bottle, beer can, baby bottle nipple, or a potato. A suppressor is a precision machined piece of metalwork that requires machine tools to make (like a lathe). To make one LEGALLY in the US requires filing paperwork with the BATFE to make a suppressor, and paying a substantial tax on it. Possession of an unregistered suppressor is a violation of Federal aw, punished by 10 years in a Federal prison.

Does a suppressor make a gun more accurate?

Sometimes it will.

Is it possible to put a suppersor on a Thompson M1A1 airsoft gun?

If you have the time and money, you'd need to make a suppressor from scratch, since the average Thompson was not able to fit a suppressor.

What was the first gun suppressor made of?

The Maxim suppressor was made of steel.

Where can you find a suppressor that fits on a Crosman Pulse R76 Airsoft gun?

You have to make one

Why did you make Minecraft?

I didn't make Minecraft.

Will an IPSC holster accommodate a suppressor?

In general, no. Will depend on the specific holster AND the specific suppressor.

Can you buy a suppressor for a shotgun?

I have never heard of a commercially-made shotgun silencer (or suppressor, or moderator). But there's no reason why you could not have one custom made for you, or make your own, on a Form 1. Assuming you live in a place where there are no state or local laws against silencers, as long as they are federally registered to you. I would not expect it to be as quiet as a pistol suppressor. The holes in the baffles would have to be extra-wide to avoid the projectiles hitting the insides of the suppressor.

How do you make a key in Minecraft?

There are no keys in minecraft!

What is the opposite of a gun suppressor?

While not designed to make a gun louder, a muzzle brake usually has that effect.

How do you attach a M16 silencer?

Suppressors (or moderators) may be attacked a number of ways, depending on the design of the suppressor. Some use the same threads which the flash suppressor uses, and require you to remove the flash suppressor first. However, you must also replace the standard crush washer with a peel washer when doing this. Some are designed to work in conjunction with a flash suppressor designed to facilitate the attachment of a sound suppressor.. Advanced Armaments designs come to mind here, with their suppressor-capable versions of the Blackout flash suppressor.

How do you make cannon in Minecraft?

You have to have a mod (modification) to make a cannon. It is not in vanilla minecraft.