How do you make a toe-touch in cheerleading perfect?


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1. Stretch out your middle splits

2. Do 50 crunches

3. Do 15 leg kicks on each leg (stand up straight with your arms in a T and kick one leg straight up to your side as high as you can to stretch out)

4. Do 25 sit ups.

These drills will help a lot because you are stretching out your legs and strengthening them with the leg kicks and you are strengthening you tummy muscles (which you need a lot of for pretty toe touches) with the crunches and sit ups. I hope these help!

Make sure you also stretch, and get a hard tummy, and my sisters cheer coach told me that jumping 50 times per day(real jumps, not little sissy hop jumps!) you can get much higher! you always want elevation and a good landing!