Totems and Totem Poles

How do you make a totem pole?

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get some woood, and pain awaay!

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What trees do totem pole carvers use to make totem pole?

Cedar tree (but mostly Western Red Cedar).

How do you make a totem pole out of clay?

with your hands

What are the colors on a coastal Indian totem pole?

the colors on a totem pole can be any color that matches what the totem pole is meaning...

Is totem pole still used?

is totem pole still used

What is a sentence using the word totem pole?

I'll race you to the totem pole! This totem pole honors some of my family's bravest ancestors.

What does the porpoise on a totem pole mean?

They belived the faces on the totem pole were the gods

Why does the totem pole depict?

a totem pole depicts what tribe the native americans are in.

What does a raccoon mean n a totem pole?

What would a racoon on a totem pole

How long did it take to make a totem pole?

1 year

What is the origin of the totem pole?

The totem pole comes from the Native Americans of the Pacific Northwest.

What did the totem pole represent?

A totem pole represents the animals of the tribe unless I am mistaken.

How do you build a totem pole?

Get a pole and put some totem in it......................actually really easy..........get the totem from Kroger..................just ask the manager

How tall is a totem pole?

The average totem pole is between 10 and 20 feet tall

When was Live Totem Pole created?

Live Totem Pole was created on 1991-08-16.

What does the bear totem pole mean?

Every totem pole tells different stories, stories that are important to the person who owns the totem pole. Therefore there is no one meaning for the bear.

How are a totem pole and potlatch different?

A totem pole is a wood carved pole. A potlatch is a ceremony when you give out presents to the people that came.

Can a wolf and a wacthmen go together on a totem pole?

can a wolf and a watchmen go together on a totem pole

What does each totem represent on a totem pole?

the first totem on the top represents courage.

What are the different types of totem poles?

Well it mostly depends on what culture you are talking about. If it happens to be Native American totem poles then that is easy. Each totem pole represents some kind of character trait. For example: the eagle totem pole would represent wisdom. The bear totem pole represents bravery. And the wolf totem pole would represent leadership.

How old are totem poles?

Depends on what your asking. When was the first totem pole made? Long ago. Who made the first totem pole? Depends on how you define a totem pole. Wood or Stone? Detailed or not? Who made totem poles? There has been totem poles from Africa Tribes, American Indians, Vikings, and undoubtedly more.

What characters make a totem pole at Disney's Wilderness Lodge?

If your speaking of the totem pole outside of the Merchantile, from top to bottom Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Donald Duck, and Humphrey the Bear

What does a totem represent?

A totem pole is carved for an individual or for a family. Each animal or person carved on the pole is there to remind the pole's owner about a story or an event. A totem pole is kind of a status symbol.

At qualities would a tree need to make a good totem pole?


What is tribal pole?


What was the first totem pole made from?

the first totem pole was made of the tall, strong trunks of cedar trees