How do you make a wolfquest account for free?


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All accounts are free. Just go to WolfQuest.org, click community then register. The admin will activate your account.

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No, the download for Wolfquest is completely free!!! yay!!!

To join WolfQuest, you have to make an account, fax your information and then mail it to the poeple who make wolfquest.

It's not encouraged to have more than one account, as referenced in the WolfQuest FAQ. To make another, you'd have to repeat the registration process.

wolfquest is completely free

You can signup to the WolfQuest community completely free. Activation typically takes a couple days, but once activated, you'll be able login to the forum and game completely on your own account with your desired username. :)

WolfQuest is absolutely free. You can download it at the WolfQuest website.

You must create your own account. See the related links for full details.Once your account has been activated by an administrator, you should have no problems logging on to the multiplayer feature and WolfQuest forum.

Yes its completely free.

You can go on gmail and make a free account by going on gmail and clicking free account.'

You can't. You have to make a free club penguin account before you get a membership.

You don't need to log on to WolfQuest. You just download it and then you can play on it willy nilly. However is you want to play on multi player then you have to create a account on the wolf quest website. Its free to create an account but it takes up to 8 days or less for your account to be activated good luck. And.... Happy gaming :)

I don't think you can make a free Vmath account, no you can't.

Click the make a account button and you can make a character.

If you are talking about the game WolfQuest, there's no need to buy it. It's free.

I just went to multiplayer then i tried to join it said at the bottom make an account so i made one. i was gnna fax it to them because it says to do that BUT i got an email later on saying my account was valid so yeah

No. It's free to make an account.

You need an email account, just make a free email account, there are many providers such as yahoo or gmail.

To get a account on WolfQuest, access their site and press the download button (if you already hadn't) Then you go to the community page and click register. It takes about 1 or 2 days but it's worth it!

Are you sure you sent it the form to them? And if you did it may take a few days for them to activate your account. Also, wolfquest may be down for awhile, sometimes that happens.

It's free to make an account. You pay when you download the game.

WolfQuest is a free game, you don't have to pay anything to play.

No; it's usually better to have your account deleted if you no longer want to use it.

Wolf Quest is a free download.

No, WolfQuest is free to download and play.

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